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how tilt-up construction works. tilt-up construction features series of concrete panels tilted up into place to form a building’s exterior wall. these panels are created at the work site using wood forms, rebar and concrete. the forms are shaped and rebar cut to match final designs. next, concrete is poured into the forms and finished.

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tilt-up panels can be taller and wider than precast panels so there are fewer panels to erect, reducing construction costs and speeding up construction. with fewer panel joints, it’s more difficult for air and water to penetrate a tilt-up building. and that means less maintenance over the long run. tilt-up panels deliver a more uniform finish

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precast concrete walls.” however, “tilt-up” is the preferred and generally accepted term. the term “tilt-up building” refers to any type of building that employs the tilt-up technique for constructing the walls. aci 551r-92 describes tilt-up as “the tech-nique of site-casting wall panels on a horizon-

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the thickness of a concrete panel usually is determined by a quantity called the slenderness ratio. this is the ratio of the unsupported panel height (usually the distance between the floor slab and the roof stru c t u r e attachment) to the panel thickness. the generally accepted slenderness ratio on tilt-up walls is 50. however,

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today, tilt-up concrete construction is a proven method for building office buildings, retail centers, warehouses, distribution centers, call centers, manufacturing facilities and other commercial / industrial structures with speed, safety and construction cost benefits. this is why it becomes more and more widely used every day.

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in a tiltwall construction project, the building's walls are poured directly at the jobsite in large slabs of concrete called "tiltwall panels" or "tilt-up panels". these panels are then raised into position around the building's perimeter forming the exterior walls.

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panel finishings & caulking joints. the tilt-up construction process is like a 3d puzzle. it’s a time- and cost-saving process that’s simplistic and effective and should be considered for your next project. to learn more about tilt wall’s process, contact us today.

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tilt-up construction our concrete tilt-up wall experience ranges from large distribution centers measuring over 1 million square feet, to 4-story tilt-up office buildings. the tilt-up panels we’ve erected have featured a wide variety of design elements including: glass expanses, double stacking panels, and wall treatments such as thin brick