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when we talk about retaining wall failure, generally we do not mean that one day you wake up and the entire wall has tumbled down. this would be considered a catastrophic failure. catastrophic failures of retaining walls do indeed occur in events such as earthquakes, floods and even high-wind damage.

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types of retaining wall failures: to design retaining walls, it is necessary to define "failure" and to know how walls can fail. under static conditions, retaining walls are acted upon by body forces related to the mass of the wall, by soil pressures, and by external forces such as those transmitted by braces.

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other modes of failure of retaining walls. in addition to the three types of failures i.e. sliding, overturning and bearing failure, a retaining wall may fail in the following two modes if the soil underneath is weak. shallow shear failure: this type of failure occurs along a cylindrical passing through the heel of the retaining wall.

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this type of failure occurs along a cylindrical surface abc passing through the heel of retaining wall as shown in above fig. the failure takes place because of excessive shear stresses along the cylindrical surface within the soil mass. the fos against horizontal sliding is lower than that for shallow shear failure. however, fos against

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another retaining wall failure. appears to be a local stability failure of a segmental block retaining wall (or improper reinforcement detailing or installation), therefore this is more of a structural failure than a geotechnical type failure.

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generally, the term retaining wall failure do not referred to the total failure or collapse but rather describes signs and indications by which failure possibilities and wall instability could be predicted and can be saved if dealt with properly. retaining wall sliding, toppling, overturning are types of total collapses that cannot be rehabilitated, therefore rebuilding […]

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slope failure. retaining wall failures are also related to slope failure. if the dynamics of the slope the wall is holding back suddenly changes, the wall will be exposed to stresses it was not designed to handle. read how slope failure can induce retaining wall failure here. you should also read up on the causes of slope failure.

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• bending failure of a 36-inch wide flange h-beam retaining wall constructed at the base of a creeping slope in richmond, california, along a state route. • the wall was not designed to resist the passive loads to which it was subjected.