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12/02/2018 & 0183;& 32;how to choose the right truck width for your deck. when buying a new set of skateboard trucks you first need to know the deck width you will be using them with. for the perfect truck size, you are aiming to match the overall truck width to the deck width, for example, a 7.75" deck matches a 5.0" truck, an 8.0" deck matches a 5.25" truck.

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just ordered my new setup and went for 8.25 deck with royal 5.5's. they are slightly wider at 8.5" but i'm more likely to go wider than 8.25 deck than i am narrower. most trucks have suggested board widths if you have a little google

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foundation night watch 8.25" skateboard deck. a great all round street and park size to light up the coping and destroy your favourite gaps. 10% off components and free grip

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a margin of /- 0.125″ is totally okay. so, for a deck that is 8″ wide trucks an axle width from 7.875″ – 8.125″ are ideal. a truck with an axle width margin of /- 0.25″ would work out as well, but we wouldn’t recommend that kind of setup.

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skate truck size to skate deck size guide by brandsizeactual axle lengthrecommended deck size1297.75″7.4″ – 7.75″1398″7.75″ – 8.25″1498.5″8.25″ – 8.75″1598.75″8.75″ – 9.25″4/5 3

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10/07/2020 & 0183;& 32;i go in-depth about why i skate the size board that i do, and why others might skate different sizes. i also give my top 3 points for you to consider when choosing a new skateboard size

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measure the body of the truck to get the info you need to determine if it will fit your deck. – 5″ hanger / 129mm / 7.75″ axle skateboard trucks fit decks from 7.5 to 8 inches. – 5.25″ hanger / 139mm / 8.0″ axle skateboard trucks fit decks from 8 to 8.5 inches. – for decks 8.5 to 9 inches, use a 149mm skateboard truck.

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the rule i’ve always abided by is 1/4″. so if yours is 8.35″, then get anywhere from roughly 8″ to 8.38″ really. anything bigger than your deck is stupid. that .03″ from the 8.38″ is negligible. there’s a lot of 8.25″ and 8.38″ stuff out there, so

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在必应上点击查看1:58nov 06, 2014 & 0183;& 32;what size truck should you get for an 8.25 deck? the 8.25 truck by krux ron from krux whalebonetown takes over the infomercial game for the krux 8.25 truck. perfect for 8.25 decks will fit 作者: krux trucks

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size 8.0 size 8.25 skateboard trucks. skate; trucks; filtering by . 8.25; 8.0; saved. save filter deck size range. 7.8 - 8.25 ; 8.25 - 8.5 ; best selling; newest; krux standard polished silver 8.25" skateboard truck . $16.95. shop gift cards. need assistance? we are here to help. click here for all of your customer service needs. be

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jun 09, 2020 & 183; independent trucks size chart boardworldindependent forged titanium skateboard trucks - silverbrand : independent trucks & 183; independent forged titanium skateboard trucks take weight off …independent forged hollow skateboard trucks - silverbrand : independent trucks & 183; the all-new range of independent trucks has arrived at boardw…independent silver standard skateboard trucksbrand : independent trucks & 183; durable high-performance and built for all types of terrain. the s…在 上查看完整列表

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in order to choose the best skateboard trucks for your complete skateboard, you'll need to figure out what size truck will fit your deck. the width of your trucks corresponds directly to the width of your deck. too narrow a truck will be unstable; while too wide a truck can result in shoe to wheel contact while pushing, among other problems.

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which trucks should i get for 8.25 deck hi, i'm not that new to skateboarding, but i'm wondering which trucks should i get for 8.25 deck, because i think that wider deck will give me more stability, control and comfort than a 7.75 deck which i was riding for about 1 responsesyou can do 139 or 149. if you're more street focussed or think you might go down to a smaller board at some point stick with 139. if you're riding big stuff with … read more3 votesi put thunder 149 on my 8.25rides better than the indy 139 i had on before2 votesi am riding independent 149's and they work extremely well. go with 1492 votes查看全部

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apr 22, 2012 & 0183;& 32;was on the thunder 147 highs with a 8.25 deck for years, just switched to theeve 5.5 on my 8.25 like it just as much. got a but confused with the 4 different sizes as they make a 5.0 for below 7.75, 5.25 for 7.75 to 8, 5.5 for 8 to 8.25 and a 5.85 for above 8.25.

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i was wondering what size truck i should get for a 7.75 deck? also could i use the same trucks on a 7.25 deck as well? i was thinking about replacing the trucks on my kind of crap complete and then transferring the trucks over when i finally can afford to build my own complete ?

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they work as the goldilocks truck for 8.25 and give you wiggle room to set up boards from 8.0 to 8.5, no sweat. either 139 or 149 independents work fine, too. choose the former if you might size down as far as 7.75 in the future or the latter if you think you might size up as far as 8.75.

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house level 3 trucks black 5.25" specs: set of 2 trucks axle size: 8.0 inches perfect for skateboard decks with around this width hanger size: 5.25 inches shr90 black bushings beginner to intermediate truck only - not for advanced skaters

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skateboard deck size and the right truck size; deck size axle width hangar width; 7.75 inch to 8.0 inch: 7.75 inch / 197 mm: 5.0 inch / 129 mm: 8 inch to 8.5 inch

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14 行 & 0183;& 32;the truck and deck size chart above is a general guideline based off common sizes found …truck axle width in suggested deck width in 7.47.25 - 7.6257.67.4 - 7.8757.75 / 7.87.6 - - 8.25查看www.tactics.com的所有14行

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nov 15, 2019 & 0183;& 32;8-inches to 8.25-inches: skating pool, ramps, rails, and parks; 8.25-inches or higher: verts, pools, and cruising; conclusion. skateboard deck sizes may seem irrelevant or confusing in the beginning, but a skateboard which is compatible with your ability, size, and preferred skating style makes a huge difference.