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concrete stairs deck stairs wooden stairs metal stairs building stairs building a house stair rise and run stair builder stairs stringer 2 rules for building comfortable stairs michael maines explains 2 rules for building comfortable stairs.

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and though it should go without saying, the recommended stairway landing or platform width is equal to the stairway width. the platform or walking surface can be wider, of course, such as occurs when stairs end at a balcony, deck, or walkway. landing requirements for access ramps are discussed separately at ramps, access

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attach posts to stringers using 4” deck screws, making certain posts are plumb. cut lengths of 2x4 railings to span the distance from the lower posts to the existing deck railing as shown in the image. attach the railings to the posts with 3” deck screws, making sure the slope matches that of the stairs.

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another common landing is a concrete pad. for this deck, the landing will be a pad on top of a 4-inch layer of gravel extending beyond the steps about 36 inches. check your local code to be sure of specific requirements for your area. for step-by-step instructions on building a concrete pad landing, take a look at how to build a concrete pad.

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just like a deck, a landing needs to have footings, posts, beams, and joists. some building officials may consider the landing to be part of the stairway, however, in which case there’s a secondary load requirement (irc table r301.5, minimum uniformly distributed live loads).

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first, you must learn the parts of deck stairs. a landing pad is a flat surface made of concrete, pavers or gravel at the bottom of the steps. if a stairway will not be used often and the lawn is flat, a landing pad can sometimes be omitted. stair treads are the horizontal boards that you step on.

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for example, if you find out that each riser is going to be 7- inches, the landing needs to be a square box with the height of either 21 or 28-inches. (7 x 3 = 21, 7 x 4 = 28) it depends on the number of steps you want to climb before the landing. if we use this formula, the landing will fit perfectly with the stairs.

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safe, supported stairs: deck-stair construction varies, but the general requirements are consistent: proper footing support, and an adequate landing. regardless of the stair run and number of treads, the stairway needs a footing at the bottom to support the stringers—they can’t just rest on the ground.

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deck & porch stair construction procedures: this article describes in detail the exact steps in building an exterior deck or porch stair and landing. we describe how to lay out & cut the supporting stair stringers, how to square up the stringers and attach them to the deck or porch structure, and how to install the stair risers & treads.

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international building code states that a flight of stairs shall not have a vertical rise greater than 151 inches (3835 mm) between floors or landings. calculating stairs with landings. sometimes the total height of your stairs exceeds the building code limitation and a landing is required.

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building deck stairs. the first step to building deck stairs is to determine the total rise of the stairs. the most common way to do this is to place one end of a level on your deck and extend it over the lower landing or ground where the first step will start.

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do stairs from a deck have to be connected to frost footings? what if the landing is already built and is a concrete slab or another deck level? these are all great questions and if you are venturing out building your first deck you need some answers.

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question & answer. q am i required to pour a concrete landing at the bottom of deck stairs, or can i use gravel, flagstone, or pavers? glenn mathewson, a building inspector in westminster, colo., responds: as far back as my code library goes — to the 1952 uniform building code — stairway regulations always mention landings.

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building your own deck stairs can seem like a complicated do-it-yourself task, but it doesn’t have to be! to build deck stairs that are safe and satisfy local building codes, start by using the right materials and taking accurate measurements.

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deck stairs should be carefully planned. if the stair rises are not of the same height, then it will look tripping hazard. so follow these steps and build your deck stairs without messing up the things. here is step by step guide on how to to build deck stairs: types of deck stairs. first, you need to think about the style and type of deck .

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diy deck stairs handrails. learn how simple it is to build deck stairs and handrails. includes measuring the stairs and calculating the step height. mark the stringers for cutting. cut the stringers and install. install the rail posts on the stringers. read to learn more.

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building a landing with steps, guardrails, and handrails on the side of a deck within the 2012 irc requirements using pressure treated pine is easy with these diy instructions. although a landing is a part of a flight of steps, it is built just like a miniature deck. it is made up of posts, rim joists (bands), joists, flooring, and guardrails.

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measure the total rise to the deck landing. picture a stair slope in your mind to estimate about a 40-degree slope and guess at a landing point. rest a strht board on the deck and level over to the landing point. measure down to the ground. that'll be the approximate height of the stairs, “x.”