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how to estimate fence price. the average fence costs $2000 to $8000 to install, depending on material, style, and length. wood is often chosen for its durability, aesthetics, and affordability. to determine a solid price estimate, decide on the fence style and type of wood you want and accurately estimate the amount of material needed. common .

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expect to pay $10 to $75 per linear foot for a 3- to 4-foot tall fence, including professional installation. depending on wood type, structure height, and options, materials alone cost between $3 and $30 per linear foot. exact price will depend on variables such as the topography of the land, whether a gate is included, and how complex the .

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cedar material cost $18 to $35.00 per linear ft. not including hardware, posts and footings. cedar fence – pricing and installation cost checklist get at least 3-5 estimates before hiring a cedar fence contractor — estimates are typically free, unless it’s a service call for a repair.

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the average privacy fence cost ranges between $7-$15 per linear foot. however, there are simple ways to reduce your fence installation cost per foot. see how to reduce the cost of your privacy fence & connect with local fencing contractors.

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materials to build 3'-4' tall wooden picket fence can cost $3-$30 or more a linear foot, depending on type of wood, height of the fence and the complexity of the design, and with a gate or other options total costs can be $400-$1,800 for 100' and $1,000-$5,000 for 300' of fencing with do-it-yourself installation.

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fence costs per linear foot. the main reason why homeowners want to know the linear footage of their fence is to find an accurate estimate of the fence costs. fence boards and even the labour to install the fence are often priced by linear feet, so knowing the linear footage of your fence is one of the best ways to estimate your labour and .

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generally, it costs approximately between $15 and $50 per linear foot to install a wooden fence. this price fluctuates depending on the type of wood and style you choose. >> get free estimates: contact the best wood fence pros near you . a cedar board-on-board fence, for example, tends to be more expensive than a black locust or composite fence.

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according to data from home advisor, the average cost to build a fence is anywhere from $1,648 to nearly $4,000, with the average sitting around $2,700. the exact pricing depends on many factors, but you can expect to pay anywhere from $13 to $50 per linear foot of fencing if you use average-cost labor and materials.

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yard fence costs per foot your project could range from $1 to $45 per linear foot depending on the material you choose and the style you want. a picket fence, for example, will be a lower-cost wood project than a board on board style. and exotic species of wood will demand a greater budget than more popular and widely available ones.

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for a cedar fence, the price is usually $15 to $30 per linear foot (and sometimes more). a 4-foot picket fence or a 6-foot privacy fence without any decorative features might fall on the low end of those price ranges, while a 6- or 8-foot privacy fence with decorative features (i.e. a scalloped or lattice top) might fall on the high end.

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item details: low : high : material includes basic coverage quantities and typical overage. excludes sales tax, delivery upcharges, and items not included in the description and notes.

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it would cost somewhere between $50-$60 per linear foot for a pressure treated fence. i recommend you to call fencing contractor for the site inspection. after inspection, the fencing contractor would provide you with the exact estimate for the fence.

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the average cost to build a fence is $12 to $27 per linear foot depending on the type of wood chosen. the lumber and materials cost between $8.50 and $13.35 per linear foot, and the professional labor to install a fence ranges from $5 to $10 per linear foot on average.

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david price, the owner of price carpentry and construction in dallas, georgia, charges $1 per square foot to stain a bare fence. this price includes pressure washing the fence to remove surface oils and dust and two coats of behr stain. an average fence measures 600 to 1,200 square feet.

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other companies may charge by the panel or linear foot. if this were the case, plan on spending $10 to $17 per panel or up to $1.50 to $2.50 per linear foot of fence to be stained. if you want to get an exact quote for your particular job, we highly recommend , a free service that connects you with locally licensed contractors.

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fencing is often measured and priced by the linear foot, learn how to calculate linear feet. chain link fence cost. chain link fencing usually ranges from about $5 – $15 per foot in price, depending on the height and style and is the most cost effective material. chain link is commonly available in 4′, 5′, and 6′ heights, but other .