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we own a 1960s house which has strange wooden cladding at the front (photo) behind this is simply a cavity created with wooden battens, silver paper and then fibreboard internally. no brick or blockwork at all. how would i go about replacing with bricks? could we brick in front of the cladding to save removal and create a cavity?

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changing or adding to the existing cladding of your home is a big job. it's definitely worth giving a few builders a call for professional advice. architects and designers can also play a pivotal role in material specification as they'll know the constraints of the materials and requirements the environment places on your home.

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timber house cladding. this essex self build combines render, brick and timber cladding to blend in with the surrounding architecture and break up the building as a whole (image credit: simon maxwell) there are many types of timber cladding, from softwood, to those that are chemically or heat treated.

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the process of applying cladding became popular perhaps as a style issue first. people liked the way it allowed a property to change appearance. there are a number of different kinds of cladding materials, and we’ll take a look at them below. wood. wood cladding looks very attractive. it is also created and fitted in a very special way.

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our house has lots of positive's the look of the original tile cladding is not one of them. it's on a street of similar houses, some entirely brick and some with similar tile cladding.

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ceramic cladding is a commonly used cladding that has been used for many centuries. when using ceramic cladding, the substrate must be cleaned and then covered in adhesive, after which ceramic tiles are affixed. nuts and bolts can also be used to provide additional support and to prevent the tiles from falling off.

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shiplap cladding is watertight, and water actually run off the sides of the shed more effectively. for the wood treatment, many experts recommend using a spirit-based treatment as shed cladding ideas. this type of treatment actually sinks into the wood used instead of sitting on the surface, providing better protection.

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changing tile cladding to wooden cladding

greenspec: housing retrofit: insulation: timber, slate & tile cladding. timber, slate & tile are common forms of cladding applied to externally fixed retrofit insulation to house wall cladding is usually applied as part of an overall refurbishment scheme. . ensure design changes do not compromise performance.