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scooba 450 not laying down water • robot reviews

hi, i have tested 2 scooba 450's both leave about 250ml clean water in the tank on 40 minute run. i seem to remember my original used to use the complete tank, but i did not measure it until i ran the second i did do a flow test and the both flow about 100ml of water in 3 minutes.

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however, i noticed that they (390) leave the floor wet for way longer than 450 which is not ideal for my Seven Trust floors. btw, after updating my 450's firmware, it semmes to pick up more dirty water than before (and also uses more clean water, it almost empties the tank in a single large room run).

irobot scooba® 450

the scooba 450 is the only robot that scrubs hard floors so you don't have to. just fill the tank, press clean and the scooba three-cycle cleaning process automatically sweeps and pre-soaks, scrubs, then squeegees your floors, tackling stuck-on messes and washing away over 99.3% of bacteria.*

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scooba is leaving the floor wet • robot reviews

between the texture in the tile and the grout lines, scooba only picks up about 1/3 of the material it lays down. of course, a lot evaporates during the cleaning process, but when the tank is empty and scooba turns off, most of the floor is wet. how much water remains on the floor depends upon the floor surface.

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scooba leaving water on floor • robot reviews

yes there will be some water left on the floor when scooba is running its cleaning mission. you can check that your battery is properly seated and latched. check and make sure the tank is seated and latched and that both the left and right sides have about the same spacing between the tank and the base of the robot.

scooba 400 series is leaving the floor too dry or the clean tank is

scooba 400 series is leaving the floor too dry or the clean tank is still full after a cleaning cycle. if scooba is not putting down any fluid or the clean tank is full after a full cleaning cycle, use the following procedures.

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toilet paper glue = realistic ocean water - duration: 11:48. marklinofsweden irobot scooba 390 5800 vs scooba 450 preparing for floor mop - duration: 5:21. irobot master

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