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epal uk & ireland says government statements during the covid-19 crisis have given important recognition of the key role of wooden pallets and packaging in supply chains of essential goods.


trends and perspectives for pallets and wooden packaging note by the secretariat summary this document describes the current situation and markets trends for wood pallets and packaging. the purpose of the document is to inform the committee about the importance of the sector as it relates to the forest sector at large.

stackable pallets and stacking up – all you need to know

stacking up pallets can be dangerous when the pallet can get easily broken and it not meant to be stacked. such cases can happen if you are using home-made crates or damaged pallets. that is why it is of utter importance that such pallets are marked as non-stackable or shipped with a freight forwarder which explicitly avoids stacking up pallets.

history of the wooden pallet take a trip back in time

the importance of pallets for our economy is often overlooked. the flat structured pieces of wood which are usually found in the back of grocery stores seem insignificant to most people. however, for approximately 100 years, wood pallets play an essential role in carrying, storing and displaying items.

how pallets play a crucial role in the supply chain

wooden pallets are the most commonly used — and the easiest to recycle — but more and more companies have started to use plastic pallets because they’re more durable and safer. the only downside of plastic pallets is that they’re more expensive, but their durability means supply chains are spending less money on pallets.

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about. hazelhill timber products is one of ireland's leading manufacturers of euro pallets and ispm15-compliant heat-treated pallets. founded in 1969, we were the first irish pallet suppler to be awarded a licence to manufacture euro pallets.

the importance of pallets in transportation and advantages in

the wooden pallets can be repaired, cost less, hold more weight and can be recycled. unlike plastic ones that cost three times the price of wood and are not stiff and not be repaired that easily. the wood pallet gives off moisture, bugs and contains fasteners that may damage goods. plastic pallets can easily be cleaned.

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