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some of our customers need industrial epoxy flooring that can cope with heavy traffic and big loads; others will be looking for an industrial grade epoxy thats suitable for facilities where there is a significant risk of a chemical spill, so inert industrial concrete floor coatings are required.

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epoxy terrazzo. this mosaic-like floor topping for concrete substrates goes on at a thickness of only ΒΌ to 3/8 inch. it is excellent for multi-colored patterns and designs because of the epoxy resin matrix. it can be pigmented, like paint, to achieve an unlimited spectrum of colors.

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concrete paint costs around $33 a gallon or $2 to $4 a sq.ft. installed. polymer modified overlay. if your concrete floor is in rough shape, you may want to consider a polymer modified overlay. this is a sprayed on finish that completely levels and seals your concrete floor. you may opt for different colors and even patterns.

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as a general rule, though, epoxy flooring costs anywhere from around $30-$35 per square metre for two coats over a prepared concrete surface to $80-$100 per square metre for a decorative finish after diamond grinding the concrete.

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finishing a concrete garage floor with a protective or decorative epoxy coating adds considerably to the cost of the floor. the cost of coating a floor includes labor, materials, supplies and clean up. the average cost for coating a 400-square-foot floor ranges between $1.20 and $2.20 per square foot in atlanta, between $1.45 and $2.72 in chicago and from $1.57 to $2.97 in san francis if you're set on the epoxy coating, opt for a do-it-yourself kit that saves money.

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the cost to epoxy coat garage floor starts at $5.04 - $8.61 per square foot, but can vary significantly with site conditions and options. get fair costs for your specific project requirements. see typical tasks and time to epoxy coat garage floor, along with per unit costs and material requirements.

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a painted garage floor can make all the difference. use the best paint for your garage floors. use a garage floor epoxy to protect your floors from stains and hot-tire pickup. you get a thick hard glossy surface that lasts. you can use concrete floor paints on all your concrete surfaces. try adding new colors and textures.

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epoxy flooring cost. epoxy is a floor coating. it does not act as its own floor. therefore, epoxy flooring is in addition to other flooring materials, such as concrete, laminate or wood. with that in mind, average epoxy flooring costs range between $2.50 and $9.75 per square foot. most epoxy floor costs breakdown as followed:

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compared to other types of flooring, the per square foot cost of epoxy floors are tough to beat. since it can be installed directly over concrete and other flooring types, the installation costs are quite a bit lower than the others.

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for example, a 3.5-gallon plastic pail of rust-oleum 5494 system turbokrete concrete patching kit costs $90-$120, and is applied like epoxy flooring. professional application of epoxy flooring over patched and level concrete costs about $3-$12 a square foot, or $750-$3,000 for a one-car garage and $1,200-$6,000 for a two-car garage.

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epoxy flooring advantages. while polished concrete can be a viable option for a number of commercial settings, it does present a significant list of limitations thats where epoxy flooring systems come in. epoxy flooring and other high performance resin-based systems are available in a variety of formulations designed specifically to

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costs for just the epoxy can start at about $30-$50 a gallon for water-based epoxy paint, and can be $45-$150 or more a gallon for solvent-based or 100% solid epoxy coatings. a thick coating may require more gallons to cover the same square footage as a thin paint.

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starting costs for stamped concrete overlays are usually in the $5 range but have been known to climb to the $15 $20 per square foot cost in the casinos of las vegas and high-end homes. these systems will run about $7 $10 on average.

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epoxy garage floor cost is $2.50 to $9.00 per square foot. the average epoxy flooring cost is $6.55 per square foot or about $3,050 for a two-car garage. this cost includes acid etching of the concrete, two coats of material and decorative flakes.

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angie's list members who had epoxy floors applied in 2013 reported paying an average of roughly $2,300, with a general range of about $2,100 to $2,550, not counting discounts many service providers offer to members. according to, 'a professionally installed epoxy floor typically costs $3 to $12 a square foot.'

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a professionally installed, epoxy/polyaspartic decorative chip floor coating needs not cost any more than $6 per square foot for a two car garage with good condition concrete. our warrantied, easy to clean decorative chip floors are even less than that.

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if your concrete floor will be installed over an existing subfloor or on a raised deck, the contractor will have to install a cement underlayment before applying the finished floor. this process can add $2 to $3 per square foot to the total cost of your polished concrete floor.

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the cost of a garage floor coating will depend on the size of the garage floor, the type of epoxy being used, the number of coats required, the contractor doing the work and the geographical location. to use a professional, plan on spending anywhere from as little as $3 to more than $10 per square foot.

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the average cost for an epoxy coater is $1800. to hire an epoxy coater to coat your floor, you are likely to spend between $990 and $1940 total. the price of an epoxy coater can vary depending on your area.

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epoxy coat garage floor costs for your project in zip code 98104 with these options, the cost to epoxy coat garage floor starts at $4.68-$7.96 per square foot. your actual price will depend on job size, conditions, finish options you choose.

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an epoxy based concrete coating for a 2-car garage floor will cost between $1,320 and $3,080 with most homeowners spending about $1,711 when professionally applied. the price to coat an existing concrete floor is ranges from $3 to $7 per square foot including labor and materials.

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metallic epoxy floor coatings are designed to be applied over a concrete surface. if the existing concrete is badly deteriorated, extensive refurbishment and repair of the slab may be needed before the decorative epoxy finishing system can be installed.

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total cost of coating a garage concrete floor when you combine labor and materials you will end-up paying between $1450 and $2100 for a 240 sq. ft. garage. however, here, materials will be only $250 to $400 .

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epoxy coating is a way of adding an extra layer of protection to a standard concrete floor, and it also provides an aesthetically pleasing glossy finish. an epoxy finish often costs $1,200 to $4,800 on average.

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epoxy flooring costs between $4 to $9 per square ft, with installation. the bulk of the expense will come down to labor. the bulk of the expense will come down to labor. however, there are a few things as a homeowner that you can do to reduce these costs and that comes down to floor prep.

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epoxy garage floor cost homeowners pay an average of $2,123 to coat an existing concrete floor. total project costs typically range between $1,416 and $2,946 expect to pay a pro between $3 and $12 per square foot, including labor and materials. materials and equipment alone will cost you $2 to $5 per square foot.

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discounted concrete tiles can cost anywhere from $420 up to $530 for a 500-square-foot area. seven trust grade can run from $930 up to $1,180, while luxury or designer grade concrete tile can cost anywhere from $1,030 up to $1,310. different types of concrete tile flooring. there are several different options when it comes to concrete flooring.

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the 3d epoxy flooring price depends on many factors such as substrate condition, total square footage and system complexity etc. the durability and lifespan are also two major factors to determine 3d epoxy flooring price. high grade epoxy floor materials would be more expensive. in average, 3d epoxy flooring installation costs $10-$20 per square feet.