laying teak boat deck

leaking teak decks over plywood boat soup?

any advice/ideas on this issue: teak decks leaking to ply subdeck. a fella told me that mixing up some boat soup and laying on a bunch of coats will do the trick. he also said it will be better than varnish on the pretty stuff any thoughts? just bought a brewer pacific 43 and she's in need of some help

laying teak decking

opinion seems to be divided on whether teak decks on a boat are good or bad. personally i love them providing they are properly laid and maintained. ill be discussing looking after teak in a later posting but for today i wanted to go through the steps for a correctly laid teak deck, whats involved and how to go about it.

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usually a 15-25mm balsa core is sandwiched between grp skins, each 1-2mm thick. teak is often used to finish the grp deck surfaces particularly on the more up-market craft. teak is laid using one of three methods: pre fabricated - method used by teak marine where decks are created from a template.

teak decks part 2

with the old teak decks stripped off the decks and any holes left filled with epoxy, now comes the fun bit - designing the new decks. how to design your new teak decks to compliment your boat, and get some stunning results. the conventional way of laying a teak deck is for the planks to follow the line of the deck, as seen on this

wooden boat decks

wooden boat decks. the decks of wooden boats do much more than provide a platform for the crew. beams; because of the compound curvature of most decks, laying plywood in one thick panel can be a problem. i have a boat with a teak deck on which so much material has worn away that the grooves are no longer deep enough to hold the caulking.

laid teak decks: hallmark of quality

teak decks, cockpit seats, cockpit sole, hatchtops, and cabin sole all lend themselves to being planked or sheath­ed in a traditional manner almost no project can do more to 'dress up' a boat than some laid decking, and it is a job the average boatowner can do himself.

how to install a teak boat deck: laying it out and laying

email this page to a friendpreview: how to install a teak boat deck: laying it out and laying it down. march 13, 2012. eric blake. here we are at the stern of a 26' center-console jetdrive launch that's under construction at brooklin boat yard.

laying teak decking

if the teak is in bad shape then the best option may be to remove the teak altogether and just go with a non skid. there are so many variables here and there is no point in putting down teak, either new or reused if the deck underneath is in bad shape. get the boat surveyed by someone who knows about teak decks and follow his advice.

synthetic teak marine decking

synboatek is one of the best boat and yacht deck. it looks like teak wood, has the excellent properties of wood and plastic, and is durable and waterproof. synboatek synthetic teak decking is seventrust's most popular boat deck product.

q and a: issues with teak deck replacement on a metal boat

q and a: issues with teak deck replacement on a metal boat. phyllis. how did you handle this?also, would you recommend laying treadmaster? answer: we were relatively lucky since our teak decks were fastened with aluminum screws into the aluminum deck, so we were able to air chisel the teak off, leaving the ends of the screws in place, which


deck laying instructions. this guide shows you how to lay and glue small pre-made diy boat floor panels like an expert. please make sure you have had a look through this if you plan to fit your diy panel yourself as it can be quite an in-depth procedure.

the truth about teak decks

anything is possible but it always costs. replacing a teak deck is a massive job. to replace the decks on a 9m 30ft boat is six weeks work three months for a 15m 50-footer . we are talking about many thousands of pounds and your boat out of action for a while. there are other considerations before you decide on a teak deck.

laying a teak deck on a yacht antigua slipway

we refurbish teak decks and make templates to send to teak decking systems or replace cosmetic decks in the traditional way by laying each plank separately. constructing a template to send to teak decking systems for a replacement new teak deck. the teak fore hatch and decking of a boat before new replacement teak is stuck down and

laying a teak deck with adhesive over wood

laying a sprung deck curved decking to match the boat's bow shape is a bit more challenging and usually requires 'butting' the teak decking into a central king plank. teak deck placement around deck fittings also requires additional forethought, however, it is not overly complicated.

installing a teak deck on zatara

steve and i spent several months stripping away the original hardware, cockpit teak trim, mast, stanchions, doghouse windows and deck non-skid in preparation for laying teak. during this time, we researched every boat building book, web site, and old salt shipwright we could to learn how to lay a teak deck.

teak deck laying guide

teak deck laying guide introduction nothing can beat teak decks for beauty, life expectancy and anti-slip properties. in order to ensure a good working life for the deck, it is essential that great care is taken in both the preparation and application techniques. this guide covers the basic

boat decks: teak vs synthetic teak

one of the most eye-catching boats at the newport boat show last fall, the scandinavian cruiser 20, is a fast daysailer with a narrow hull and a traditional teak deck. at least it looked like teak. as i was checking out the sc20, something about those decks struck me as being a little off. then it hit me: they looked too good, too clean to be real.

pontoon deck kit w/ teak woven vinyl flooring

what's in this pontoon boat decking kit? teak woven vinyl flooring, choose your style and size above. 4-7 sheets of cca treated, marine grade plywood depending on your deck size. start in the rear of the pontoon boat and lay all of the sheets of plywood across the framework.

teak deck installation boat design net

can someone point me to site or book that shows how to lay a traditional teak deck that follows the curve of the cap plank and ends in a key or king plank w/ instructions on how to cut curves around hatches, etc. the only ones i found are promoting synthetic teak lookalikes, or selling ready made streight squares.

laying a new teak deck

hi, just wanted to record my experience in case anyone else benefits. the boat is a sweden yacht 41 which we purchased last year. the teak was a bit thin so we decided to put down a new deck starting in the cockpit area for this winter and then doing the coach roof next winter etc 71450