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follow along as the country cottage gardener builds a new garden decking out of reclaimed scaffold boards. finishing the deck with the art of shou sugi ban i show how to burning the wood to bring

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using reclaimed scaffold boards for this decking project in hockley, essex helped reduce the cost and gave an individual look and feel to this job. the boards were individually selected for their

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well, cost played the most important role here. with value decking boards costing upwards of £5 for a 2.4m length, my calculations led to me to believe we’d be spending considerable 3-figures on the amount we would need. used scaffold boards are much cheaper priced per meter, and they’re much wider too which would mean we would need fewer

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scaffold boards are of good quality and are ideal for multiple uses in allotments or as planters, furniture and decking… the possibilities are endless!! here’s the enviromate team’s top five upcycled scaffold board projects; 1. away from traditional decking – reclaimed scaffold boards provide a stunning alternative and the result…

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hairy builder is right, scaffold boards are made of "whitewood" which is very cheap and is not at all give you an idea of costs "white wood per cubic metre is about £150-00 in comparison teak is just under £6,000-00 per cube .think the days of making large ships etc from teak are long gone.

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also make sure you ask if you can have a selection of boards that do not have notches in them as some used boards have pieces cut out of them when they were originally being used for scaffolding. when working out your work top size please remember that all scaffold boards have a standard width of 225mm and a thickness of 38mm so depending on

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boards arent dipped there pressure treated and if you put down new boards now with a 3mm gap they wont be 10mm of a gap next summer, you wont get that much movement in a redwood board. you cant put boards down tight its not the correct way to do decking.

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i sanded down the scaffold boards thoroughly because there’s no way that i want to catch my dress (or skin, for that matter!) on a splinter of wood sticking out of the bench. it was a lovely sunny afternoon so it wasn’t too much of a hardship to be sanding down planks in my garden until they were super-smooth.