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adding a bamboo fence to a wooden fence is even easier! because the wood from the existing fence serves as a mount for your fencing, you won't need to attach any two-by-four mounts. to complete installation of your bamboo fencing on an existing wooden fence, simply follow steps 2 through 4 above, under "installing bamboo fencing on a brick or

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rather than replace the entire fence -- a costly endeavor -- you can attach bamboo fence panels to the existing wire fence. the bamboo fence comes in large rolls or panels that you mount to the

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3. pre-drill bamboo poles, then attach bamboo roll beginning at either top corner of existing fence (you can attach it to either the 2x4 or the wood fence panel). 4. alternate top to bottom every 12''. 5. enjoy your beautiful, tropical, eco-friendly bamboo fence! installation on block/brick wall

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•once the 2x4's are firmly attached to the concrete wall, attach a bamboo fence to the 2x4's. see instructions for existing wood fence. fasten four screws in each 2x4 and when you are finished, go back to step 5 on the wood fence instructions and follow all the way through. all done!

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when fastening panels or a bamboo roll to a board fence, use a heavy-duty staple gun to attach them to the existing fence.. step 5 - continue. in accordance with the length of the roll and the existing fence, continue to fit the bamboo roll until it runs out or cut it to fit.

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continue driving screws through the bamboo to attach it to the fence. place 1 screw every 6–8 inches (15–20 cm) along the support beam at the top. continue adding your screws by drilling through the bamboo and into the wood behind it.

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as a fast-growing plant, bamboo is considered to be an environmentally friendly fencing material and one which weathers well, besides. installing rolled bamboo fencing is easy, especially if fence posts are already installed. if you need to install the fence posts as well, it will be a little more time consuming.

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bamboo fencing panels attach directly to existing fences, allowing you to update an unattractive or aging fence without the expense of total replacement. the fencing panels, usually sold in rolls

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