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optometry was recognized as a profession in the united states in the early 20th century, once its practitioners went from jewelry store optical dispensing to performing the art and science of refraction. in the mid 20th century, the title doctor of optometry was introduced, and medicare designated optometrists as physicians within the program.

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the “david” style puts a modern twist on a classic 1960s eyewear shape, including both metal and horn accents. the frame features a buffalo horn design on the brow and temples, and includes metal bridge with adjustable nose pads to ensure a comfortable fit.

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what to look for. patients with npdr generally present with hemorrhages of varying sizes, microaneurysms (mas), hard exudates, soft exudates (cotton wool spots) intraretinal microvascular abnormalities (irmas), and venous looping or beading. 2,5,6 mas are saccular outpouchings of retinal capillaries that have been weakened by a loss of intramural pericytes. 4 the weakened capillary walls can

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tendency to narrow the scope or understanding to that offered in behavioural optometry. the following document reviews vision therapy as it applies today, with the objective being that of a guideline for optometrists new to, or considering, vision therapy. keywords: behavioural optometry, binocular vision, case history, vision therapy, visual

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the primary technologies used in modern corneal topography are placido disc, scheimpflug and scanning-slit topography. here is a review of the systems and how they can help you better fit, monitor and manage contact lens patients.

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modern diagnostics for ded, part 2. a timely diagnosis is key to successful dry eye disease (ded) management. but, you must also be able to determine which type of ded your patients have. part 1 of this pearl outlined a variety of diagnostic tests you can perform synergistically in order to determine and grade a patient’s ded severity. part 2