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templates are an important part of my stair-building process, especially when i do curved work, and they’re based on a full-size ding. after taking measurements of the existing stair framing and checking to see that everything is level and plumb, i d the first three risers in plan, full scale on a sheet of 1⁄4-in. plywood.

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the stringers and other structural parts have to be beefy enough to do the job. when stairs get more complex, so does the design and construction. a truly elaborate staircase, with a curved railing, say, or a handrail that twists around its lower newel, is going to take a lot of math, and a lot of skill to pull off.

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the plan worked better than i imagined. the rough stairs took less than three days to lay out and build. the system worked so well that i plan to adapt it to build freestanding interior curved stairs in the future. it also can be used to build stairs in a shop or garage that are later moved to a site. a plywood floor defines the stairs

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a winding stair undoubtedly would exceed the portion of our bid that had been allotted to the stair. but i couldn’t get the image of that curved stair out of my mind. i knew it was the right solution, so i asked our boss, contractor dennis dyrdahl, if i could take on the responsibility of designing and building the stair.

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laminating curved stair stringers fine homebuilding article. 10 mar 2011 hvac systems · engineered lumber · lumber and sheet goods a while back, my company built a set of freestanding curved stairs for wide paper template of the inside and outside radius,then transferred the template lines onto 3/4-in. plywood and cut out the curve to make the top and bottom plates.

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video series: building a curved step. in this segment of master carpenter, chuck bickford and john ross travel to michigan city, indiana, to meet up with carpenter mike belzowski as he builds a curved stair riser.…

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a spiral stair built around a central column is the simplest version of a curved staircase, but it’s still a challenge to build. in this article i’ll talk about a spiral stair that i’ve built for several clients and the strhtforward techniques i’ve developed for fabricating its parts with common shop tools.

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stair stringers are usually attached to the end joist or rim joist of a deck without consideration for the extra load the stairway imposes on the deck frame. and since the deck joists, beam and footings are designed just for the deck load and not the stair connection, the framing can be overloaded.