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this is a good early deck (can literally be made as soon as you start crimson vs) i used before i got all the combo pieces i've been using now: general: silabus - canard (replace with gaspard - canard) 1st: rose letters - adds 2 ap at the end of each of your turns when your general goes first.

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my deck in crimson vs in vol 3 was tri-edge ovan, a glimpse of twins, young girls path, and angry blue sky is what i used to win there. user info: hellstrigger hellstrigger 2 years ago #8

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"when adding unit cards into a deck, be sure to think about how you'll want to best divide up your general's charisma." — masaki — this is a list of crimson vs cards that are used in the online card game, crimson vs. only cards 1-85 exist in .hack//g.u. vol.2//reminisce; cards 86-150 are in .hack//g.u. vol.3//redemption. general cards unit cards name junction ability charisma hp ap

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no joke, i made the deck because all my other decks lost alot, now every time i go back to crimson vs after adventures i get at least 50 wins and like 2 losses koki kariya unwashed heathen

crimson vs - strongest deck - .hack//g.u. last recode message

the only thing i remember about crimson vs in the ps2 games was that you needed a specific card to beat gaspard's deck. i gave up looking for that card i beat gaspard with the deck i have posted in vol. 2, not sure about vol. 3 atm since i'm doing cleanup on vol. 2 atm but i had no problems getting champ with the ap rush with endrance lol

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.hack // g.u. vol. 2: reminisce does anyone know the best crimson vs. hand in the game? thanks a lot as soon as i put the deck together i was ranked 225 but after playing for a while i

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vol 2, but for the record i just started vol 3, and out of over 100 matches, deck 1 hasn't lost once. haven't tested the other two yet. last edited by apollo ; nov 14, 2017 4:53pm