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rock landscaping around a pool should be on top of landscape plastic. this plastic should extend up the wall preventing the rock from touching the pool. you could also use a bender board up against the pool and put your rock up against it. the small space between the board and the pool wall could be filled in with granite or dirt.

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installing your own plants, shrubs and trees around above ground pools is no small task, but it can be fun providing shade and cooler breezes is the calling card of swimming pool landscaping. your pool can be more attractive, more enjoyable and even safer, by limiting pool access to areas that are highly visible.

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quote make sure theres enough distance, and preferably a buffer of landscape stone, statuary, and even a fence to ensure that mulch wont blow into your pristine pool water. /quote landscaping ideas around pools with concrete. 1 pure red landscape stone, with its deep brick red color, blends well with other accents at this home.

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even if your in-ground or above-ground pool isnt built in the shape of a circle, the landscaping surrounding your pool should radiate outward. if you think of these layers around the perimeter of your pool as 'rings,' you can d up a plan that treats each ring as a distinct part of a whole. your first ring is the immediate area around the

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the plants you choose to surround your pool should be carefully researched before any buying or digging happens. a heated pool can raise humidity levels, and intense sunlight can fry nearby landscaping. also, keep in mind that plants will likely get splashed with chlorine and other pool and spa chemicals.

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sculpt the land around the pool equipment, if space allows, by creating small hills or raised planting beds. keep these well back from the equipment and choose plants that wont overwhelm the space.

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pool pumps can be large and obtrusive, creating an eyesore on what would otherwise be a serene space. a variety of options are available to cover up your pool pump. from fencing to creative landscaping, something is certain to work for your space. installing a fence is an option for hiding a pool

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landscaping around your pool or spa - info/tips to conceal pool support equipment, and even to hang maintenance equipment. a fence near the pool

how to hide your pool equipment with vinyl lattice

conceal your pool equipment with a lattice enclosure. using lattice assures the possibility of air flow around the equipment. you may choose to completely enclose the area. if you do, remember to include a gate or hinged top to gain access to all equipment and plumbing. landscape around your pool equipment. another way to hide your eye-sore

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explore jewels's board 'hide pool equipment', followed by 291 people on pinterest. see more ideas about gardens, gardening and garden storage shed.

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would like to know what shade plants possibly flowering will grow around the pool equipment area. will the de affect them when the filter is maintain or bled? the area is under trees, so it gets almost no light. thank you, connie

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simple pool pictures spas and hot tubs outdoor showers related articles swimming pools and spas pool shapes pool design checklist related videos swimming pool videos small swimming pool vanishing edge pool infographics and diagrams pool fence height swim-up bar and baja shelf

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the easiest way is to contact a specialized firm where they will consider all projects, provide assistance on pool landscaping and the features to be included in the area around the pool and garden, and calculate the total cost of components. find out how to build a natural pool diy. backyard pool landscape designs

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if you have a salt water pool, you may choose plants that are tolerant of high salt levels in splashout water and in the soil around the pool. when designing your pool and patio landscaping, remember that some areas need not be plants at all. areas of river stone or lava rock can add a low-maintenance separation between planting beds.

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an ivy-covered wall, pavers with grass joints and blooming flowers all-around help this outdoor space feel at peace with the landscape. in the center, a sunken swimming pool invites the owners to slow down and soak up the beauty of their surroundings.

18 inventive pool fence ideas for residential homes

if you like your pool as part of your view, a fence may hinder that view. cost pool fences can be costly. to properly install a functional fence around your pool, expect to put some money down. when building a pool fence, it is important that you remember that a pool fence need to be at least 4 feet in height, for safety reasons.

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plants or bushes are a natural way to hide ugly pool equipment, and there is a natural upside to using greenery to screen pool filters and other items. there are several things to keep in mind when deciding to put landscaping around your pool filter, starting with plants not to use around a pool. plants, trees and shrubs to avoid around pools:

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maple trees next to swimming pools are like oil mixed with water. less debris in the pool equals a lower risk of it damaging your equipment along with less labor expended by you fishing leaves and clutter out of the pool. bamboo near a pool would be disastrous, for example, with small little leaves blowing daily into the water.

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some medium-height shrubs grow a bit more slowly than others, so they can start out life in your yard as a small shrub though they'll want to grow bigger eventually . some can be kept trimmed a bit shorter than 4 feet or grown as a taller shrub but 4 to 6 feet is an ideal height for this group of plants.

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you could use this diy cedar screen to hide all kinds of outdoor eyesores, from kids toys to pool equipment cedar screen sugar sugar house. these brilliant diys will turn any front yard or back yard into a beautiful space without the interference of outdoor eyesores what other ways to hide outdoor eyesores have you seen or made yourself?

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this pool equipment is sunken slightly below grade and concealed with an attractive wall. what you don't see can be the most important part of your swimming pool. this includes all the mechanical equipment that keeps your water beautiful every day. while it's not that difficult to hide your

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for convenience around swimming pools, nothing beats a closed gazebo in which you can change into or out of your clothes and relax in the shade. outdoor furniture also affords convenience around your swimming pool, as do barbecue equipment and outdoor furnaces. a full outdoor kitchen may also be in your sights if you have a large enough budget.

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pool equipment, like your ac unit, is designed to be outdoors in the rain and heat and having it enclosed would be for aesthetic purposes only. while some people choose to enclose their equipment with fences, and landscaping, it is important that your pool filter, pumps, and heater be properly ventilated. enclosure benefits of pool equipment

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a pool pump is an integral part of your pool maintenance system, pushing water through the filtration system to remove debris and mitigate the build-up of algae. pool pumps also can be unsightly

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maybe youre thinking pretty isnt practical. it doesnt matter what the area around the pool looks like, as long as the pool is clean and swimmable, right? if thats your stance, you may want to reconsider because pool landscaping can conserve water, reduce chemical use, and save you money, among other benefits. pool landscaping benefits

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ive tackled the topic of pool equipment enclosures in a previous blog with a nuts and bolts approach to building walls around pool pump and filters. today we approach hiding pool equipment with a greener approach: with plants. landscaping ideas to hide pool equipment