privacy fence rules in a subdivision

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fence building law basics for homeowners

to determine if these laws apply to you, start at the city or county level with the planning and permitting department. while fence-related laws, regulations, and zoning are different from one area to the next, there are a few common themes: notification, expenses, position and placement, and fence height and type.

good neighbor fence etiquette fence guidelines and tips

more restrictive rules often apply to corner lots, where blind curves can limit driving visibility. to avoid disputes, review restrictions with your fence company before choosing a fence. follow hoa rules: fencing companies are not responsible for knowing home owners association dos and don’ts; that’s your job.

appearance, maintenance, and fence restrictions - findlaw

one of the great things about owning a home is the ability to landscape, paint, and adorn it in your own style. however, you may be subject to local laws and home owners' association (hoa) rules with respect to appearance, maintenance, and fence restrictions.

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property line and fence laws in virginia - findlaw

virginia, like many other states, has enacted laws addressing these issues. read on to learn more about fence and property line laws in virginia. virginia property line and fence laws. virginia has extensive statutes addressing boundary fences, also known as partition or division fences, which exist along a property line.

how close can i put a fence to my property line?

these laws may depend on where you live; think of a subdivision with large yards where the setback won’t matter vs. an urban row home where those few inches really make a difference! you’re more likely to be permitted to build right on the property line in a densely populated area, but it varies.

property line and fence laws in texas - findlaw

whether you live in the country or the city, it's smart to know your rights and responsibilities about your property lines. read on to learn more about fence laws in texas. fencing laws in texas. over the years, texas courts have issued decisions about property lines and fences, which have shaped the law on the issue.

fences - laws, problems & solutions

unlike subdivision restrictions ("subdivision rules," below), local laws usually do not dictate what a fence must look like. there are rare exceptions, such as in the city of albany, california, where an ordinance requires all new structures to have a "harmonious exterior color."(7) (the ordinance doesn't say what colors are harmonious.)