proprietary pedestal systems

envirospec - pave-el paver stone pedestal system

transform roofs, decks and balconies into people places with the unique pave-el pedestal system. pave-el pedestals elevate and level paver stones to provide perfect drainage and other benefits while enabling you to turn plain roofs and other areas into pedestrian plazas.

executive aircraft seating -

features and benefits. proprietary ergonomic backrest and seat pan improve long-term seating comfort. new surfaces minimize the amount of foam required and reduce upholstery weight. proprietary pedestal base makes getting into and out of the seat easy. ideal for all seating positions throughout the aircraft.

soundtouchtm wireless pedestal - riverpark

the bose soundtouchtm wireless pedestal is sold as part of the wave soundtouch music system, which consists of a wave . music system iii, wireless pedestal and remote control. the wireless pedestal sits under the wave . music system and connects to the wms iii back panel via a bose link pigtail type cable.

qsr products uni-structures

communication is vital to the customer drive-thru experience which makes the speaker pedestal an integral part of the drive-thru system. uni-structures has refined the technology to be durable enough for all elements as well as being clear and audible for customers.

s-band and c-band weather radar antenna/pedestal systems

radar systems are the first in a family of advanced weather radar antenna/ pedestal systems from asc signal. the family meets iso 9001 specifications and consists of a number of different diameter antennas and pedestals operating in s-band or c-band frequencies. this . includes the antenna system used for the nexrad program.

model evse-rs pedestal mount installation manual

av proprietary information: this manual contains information that is confidential and proprietary to aerovironment, inc. av , constitutes confidential information, and is subject to non-disclosure agreements.

prs-100 pedestal retrofit solution

the prs-100 pedestal retrofit solution is firefly rfids truly innovative approach to fast, inexpensive eas-rfid upgrades. the system uses a proprietary technology to allow the addition of rfid to existing eas systems without changing existing procedures, alarming, or servicing.

composite elevated water storage tanks phoenix

our proprietary, seven-foot forming system is the safest, most technologically advanced tank-raising system in the industry. the solid interior platform is self-elevating as work progresses up the shaft, allowing ease of adjustment for each form to the exact radius of the first lifts dimension.

raised floor ramp kit

additional information. our ramp kit includes: bare concrete filled panels, pedestal bases, ramp angled pedestal heads, stringers, fasteners, aluminum ada ramp shoe, ramp threshold, non-skid black ramp surface and adhesive. we offer a detailed explanation of the ada americans with disabilities act codes relative to raised floor environments.

munipole power pedestal monosystems

innovative wire and cable solutions for electrical engineers and contractors since 1967. the safe, no-drama choice for wire and cable management direct to contractors and engineers

aws pedestal system: pedestals for pavers on roofs and decks

for edges and tight spaces. aws brings the answer to difficult edging dilemmas with the aws perimeter pedestal .it snaps together just like the full pedestal system with available component shim pieces.

modulock paving supports, decking supports harmer paving

harmer modulock. harmer modulock is a fully engineered raised pedestal system for supporting paving slabs, timber or plywood sheet decking at varying heights from the sub-structure. available with a self-levelling head, a fixed head or the new timber decking self levelling head.

proprietary - definition of proprietary by the free dictionary

define proprietary. proprietary synonyms, proprietary pronunciation, proprietary translation, english dictionary definition of proprietary. adj. 1. of or relating to a proprietor or to ownership: had proprietary rights. 2. privately owned, as a business: a proprietary hospital. 3.

prs-100 pedestal retrofit solution

the system uses a proprietary technology to allow the addition of rfid to existing eas systems without changing existing procedures, alarming, or servicing. in most cases, the upgrade is unnoticeable to customers or staff. the prs-100 installs in a matter of minutes and consists of a flexible sleeve that slides over the existing pedestal.

rooftop paver system is tested to withstand 145-mph winds

tecturas lok down system is a proprietary pedestal system for rooftop pavers. a top plate, made to match or contrast with the pavers, fits into a recess, allowing for a flush walking surface. colored bolts then tighten the system together for a total rafted paving system.

rotating precision mechanisms, inc.

these computer tools enable rpm to perform structure and vibration analysis of pedestal components, and to predict pedestal performance with specific payload configurations. rpm has also developed many proprietary analytical routines for analysis of a system's performance.

executive aircraft seating -

proprietary ergonomic backrest and seat pan improve long-term seating comfort new surfaces minimize the amount of foam required and reduce upholstery weight proprietary pedestal base makes getting into and out of the seat easy

pedestal supports -

pedestal paver supports. our product line varies from adjustable telescoping pedestals to proprietary foam block support systems to fixed height rubber spacer pads. we have a solution for your raised outdoor floor application. click through our pedestal product line and of course call us with any questions.

07 76 00 sky deck pedestal paver system - skydeck usa pavers

pedestal paver system 077600-2 a. shop dings: submit scaled shop dings including plan of installation area, layout of all paver and pedestal areas, starting point and elevations, and construction details at critical terminations of pedestal paver system with adjacent construction.

todays composite elevated storage tanks handout

todays composite elevated storage tanks page 2 s.w. meier the basic configurations of the composite elevated storage tanks built in the us and canada over the last 25 years is shown in figure 1. the most common composite tank is the domed concrete floor with a carbon steel liner style a .

fully glazed and assembled walkable skylights

our proprietary designed framing system has a built in thermal break and snap on setting blocks that are rated at80-90 shore. the glass construction is three layers of 3/8 glass with either eastman saflex pvb or sentryglas with the interlayers insulated for the ultimate in thermal protection.

bauder support system

for timber decking systems. the bauder pedestal support units provide a lightweight and cost effective solution when seeking to minimise the height of a free-draining paving system when compared to the traditional bedded permeable paving options. key applications n roofs n terraces n balconies n plaza decks n patios

buzon - deck screwjack pedestal viking roofspec

viking buzon pedestal system creates a stunning, yet functional outdoor entertainment space. the practicality and durability of this system is essential when a seamless indoor/outdoor flow is not negotiable for a residential or commercial building.

td support pads and pedestals for timber decking - wallbarn

with the increasing amount of timber decks being laid, wallbarn needed to ensure that its fast, simple and durable system of suspended deck finishing applied to timber as well as paving slabs. fixing timber decking is fast and easy using our system.

pedestal system product range

the pedestal system product range is compromise of four different series designated for different kind of jobs. the pedestal se series is great for sloping surfaces. the pedestal eh series is is ideal for flat surfaces. the pedestal nm series is the best choice for decking. and the pedestal for wood deck series are the components needed for the

automatic bilge switchs : attwood marine

automatic bilge switchs - s3 series. incorporates a proprietary electronic sensing technology to detect bilge water levels and trigger pump activation and has been engineered to operate in any bilge water mixture consistently without failure. your pump wont be exposed to continuous cycling as the s3 switch can easily distinguish splashing bilge

new -

fuel control system opw fuel management systems petro vend 100 pv100 fuel control system is a stand-alone, pedestal-mounted system that controls up to 4 hoses for small or mid-sized unattended fleet-fueling sites. as a turnkey system, the unit is designed for quick and easy installation. it ships ready-to-use with 100 pre-