ways to cover old patio

re-cover a patio cushion

re-cover a patio cushion. now place the black fabric upside down on the cushion and line up. pin the black fabric to the other fabric on all three sides do the top or bottom first, but not both at the same time . slide the cushion out carefully and sew along your pins.

ways to cover up an old patio

ways to cover up an old patio. how to cover a concrete patio with pavers the family handyman. renew an old concrete patio with decorative brick or concrete pavers. a simple solution, whether you want to dress up a bland patio or hide an aging one. concrete patio cover-up - seven trust's. ideas and how-tos. overview

how to resurface concrete concrete refinishing do it

its natural color is dark gray, so buy enough to cover your entire walk. one 40-pound bag coats about 35 square feet. if you want a different color, just add a concrete tint. before resurfacing, strip off any paint or sealers and watch the weather.

can you lay paver stones across an old patio? home

types of pavers. any type of paver is appropriate for use when covering up an old patio, as long as the stones fit together and create a tight surface. this includes flagstone, brick or natural paver stones; however, if you plan to use mortar, bricks should not be used if the existing surface is asphalt.

concrete floor coverings: ways to cover concrete

options to cover concrete flooring surfaces. these types of materials are usually applied through a hopper gun under pressure. a fist scratch or 'grout coat' is applied. once the first coat is dry, adhesive backed stencils are laid out over the floor. a second color or wear coat is spray applied over the stencil,

how i made my patio look new again with olympic rescue it

to begin painting, take your brush and work the paint along all of the edges of your patio. if you run into a small imperfection or crack, use a short dabbing stroke to work the paint in, then brush over to smooth things out.

how to cover up an ugly cement patio in 2019 georgia

may 20, 2019- a patio adds valuable square footage to your home, serving as an outdoor living area. if unattractive and cold cement covers your patio, however, you may be less than excited to

13 creative ways to cover your patio hunker

13 creative ways to cover your patio 1. closed roof with exposed beams patio cover. 2. narrow-slat pergola patio cover with wraparound screen. 3. modern metal canopy patio cover. 4. wood slat patio cover. 5. laser cut metal screen patio cover. 6. vine-covered trellis patio cover. 7. sail shade

how to transform an old, tired, cracked concrete patio

then another part of a day to do a second coat after the dry time had been allowed for. and a couple more hours to seal it. so all in all, its spread over about 2-3 days but doesnt take full days to complete it. it also depends on the size you are covering our patio was about 500 square feet so it took a while to cover it all

what to do with an ugly, cracked concrete patio patio

gotta try it on our old concrete patio. pebble patio over old concrete patio. want to do this for the front stoop. spread mixture with a trowel spread pebbles and epoxy- maybe could start with regular cement patio and add this later pebble patio over concrete saw it on diy. it turned out really nice. gotta try it on our old concrete patio. see more

how to renew concrete surfaces this old house

fill the cracks. patch all cracks, crevices, and holes in the old concrete surface. for hairline cracks up to 1/8 inch wide, mix four parts of ardex concrete dressing to one part water. force the thick paste into the cracks with a putty knife. for larger cracks up to 1/2 inch wide, use concrete-repair caulk.

12 deck and patio ideas that won't break the bank

throw pillows and canopies are another great way to breathe new life into an worn deck. 4. add a daybed. sometimes all a deck, patio or backyard needs is a designated lounge area. creating a nap-time getaway can be as easy as placing a new slipcover on an old couch or buying an affordable daybed and adding outdoor pillows.

how i made my patio look new again with olympic rescue it

last year, i made an olympic-sized pun-intended effort to make over my back yard.. i took down ivy which dumped bugs and dirt in my bra , sawed down branches, pulled out weeds longer than my arm, built a fence, found an entire toy stores worth of balls and frisbees, and even dressed up my tiny patio with some new outdoor chairs and a couple planters.

6 ways to rethink your patio floor

process snapshot: first, the area for your concrete patio must be dug out and leveled. next, barriers are put in place that will determine the shape of the patio. next, barriers are put in place that will determine the shape of the patio.

advice needed on ideas to cover concrete paving without

if on a tight budget why bother with gravel et al, try a different approach, cover patio with large pots, like half barrels, fill with plants, use patio as base for raised beds, grow anything you like, distract the eye from the 'patio'

how to repair a cracked and old cement patio before and after

today we are sharing how to repair a cracked and old cement patio. living with four generations under one roof poses many challenges, one being personal space. we took the opportunity this summer to makeover

how to resurface cracked concrete with brickform overlay

how to take an old driveway and resurface it using brickform sm professional grade micro-topping. we transformed an old cracked concrete slab by resurfacing it to look like a new random stone

concrete patio cover-up

an old standby, the concrete pad creates a functional patio, but over time yours may have become stained, cracked, or just plain boring. waitdont pull out a jackhammer just yet consider this less jarring alternative: lay pavers over the existing concrete. they will hide a multitude of flaws and give your space a fresh look.

concrete resurfacing, a great way to resurface old concrete

if you want to cover an old dull gray patio with a 1/4 inch thick stamped concrete overlay, you can do that too. is your driveway stained and discolored? then maybe a spray down overlay with a stencil pattern will dress it up like new again. the most important part of resurfacing concrete is preparing the existing concrete surface for the overlay.

how to resurface concrete

conventional wisdom holds that old concrete, with cracks, surface discoloration, or surface imperfections, must be removed and replaced if improving the look of the concrete is the goal. but there are many options available for transforming that drab concrete patio, driveway, or floor into a new, decorative, colored concrete surface.

how to give a tile facelift to an ordinary concrete porch

lay the tile. mix thin-set mortar according to directions. use the flat side of trowel to apply the thin-set and the comb edge of the trowel to create grooves image 1 . this will give you a really tight connection to your slab. set the tiles by gently sliding into place. use spacers to achieve consistent gaps between tiles image 2 .

inexpensive and easy ways to cover the surface of my

inexpensive and easy ways to cover the surface of my concrete patio. but that seems pretty expensive for an outdoor patio- hoping to find a better way. clean concrete with tsp and water. rinse well and let the surface dry. tape off your rug and tape a design inside your rug. you can make it as simple or as complicated as you want.

covering concrete patio. i need help the seven trust

covering concrete patio. i need help pea pebbles or pond pebbles could cover the area breaking up the monotony. you would need about 50 bags to create a 2 layer over the 11x14 area. you could then use this gravel layer as a drainage area and plant several container gardens to showcase that area.

diy concrete patio cover up ideas the garden glove

our first patio cover up idea is from seven trusts. this diy concrete patio stain rug is easy and fast. this diy concrete patio stain rug is easy and fast. they have a great tutorial including the pattern template

a concrete overlay makeover how i resurface ugly concrete

the project totaled 4500 sq. ft. of stamped and hand carved stones. the overlay material was a total of 1/4 inch thick over an old concrete floor. this stamped concrete overlay was installed over an old, worn concrete patio that sloped towards the house. we resurfaced the concrete with our overlay,