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california code of regulations, title 8, section 3210

2. stationary elevated platforms secured to buildings or structures used exclusively for the service and maintenance of overhead bridge cranes and similar mobile equipment may be equipped with removable railings in lieu of guardrails on the side adjacent to the machinery provided such railings are secured against falling when they are not serving as a protective railing.

elevated platforms - elevated platforms

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guardrails: guide to guard railing codes, specifications

guardrail specifications & defects: requirements for guard railings at stair platforms, landing guard railings & other elevated walkways. guardrail guide: stair landing, porch, deck & walkway guardrail specifications & codes: height, dimensions, spacing, construction, photos & sketches of guardrail defects & safety hazards.

1926.451 - general requirements. occupational safety and

each platform unit (e.g., scaffold plank, fabricated plank, fabricated deck, or fabricated platform) shall be installed so that the space between adjacent units and the space between the platform and the uprights is no more than 1 inch (2.5 cm) wide, except where the employer can demonstrate that a wider space is necessary (for example, to fit around uprights when side brackets are used to

stairway landings & platforms: codes, construction & inspection

3. on raised stage and platform floor areas, such as runways, ramps and side stages used for entertainment or presentations. 4. at vertical openings in the performance area of stages and platforms. 5. at elevated walking surfaces appurtenant to stages and platforms for access to and utilization of special lighting or equipment. 6.

1910.29 - fall protection systems and falling object

handrails and the top rails of stair rail systems are capable of withstanding, without failure, a force of at least 200 pounds (890 n) applied in any downward or outward direction within 2 inches (5 cm) of any point along the top edge of the rail. figure d-12 -- handrail measurement. figure d-13 - combination handrail and stair rail

osha requirements for guardrail and safety railing compliance

one of the more popular fall protection questions we receive relates to osha requirements for safety railing and guardrail systems. determined inquiring minds can consult osha’s revised walking working surfaces ruling for general industry, but this can be a laborious process.