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everlast’s innovative triple-composite process yields the most advanced siding material in the industry. wood, vinyl, fiber cement, and other composites are no match because, despite costly required maintenance, you'll find these alternatives still fade and deteriorate over time. everlast lasts, for life.

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cost of everlast siding. perhaps, the only con of everlast siding it is the cost upon installation. as compared to other materials, everlast siding costs more. it might cost you roughly $5-10 per square feet. however, even though it costs more, it cuts out the cost of maintenance. cost of labor. the installation of everlast siding is moderately

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everlast composite siding is colored through the product. there is never a need for painting the siding since it has a lifetime warranty against fading (see warranty for details and limitations). it can be painted if a homeowner decides they would like to change the siding to a different color in the future.

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i am an architect in connecticut - a very similar climate to yours - and i have put fiber cement on many a house. i have not put the everlast product on a house but it is very appealing in some ways. the pros and cons of each material. fiber cement's pluses: fiber cement looks good, looks like wood, and has a natural, solid "feel"

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composite: norandex’s composite siding, everlast, is made from a proprietary blend of resin and inorganic material. although the product is designed to look and feel like wood, it does not

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everlast composite siding does not require painting like wood siding or fiber cement siding. solid construction. at 1/4″ thick, your house is protected from flying debris and high winds. no water absorption. everlast has no wood additives, meaning it will not absorb moisture and will not rot. realistic wood grain texture.

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this siding is designed to be strong and durable. the material contains a special mixture of 60 percent granular stone and 40 percent polymeric resins, which combine to make the siding exceptionally strong. because everlast composite siding does not contain any wood particles, it will not decompose over time with exposure to moisture.

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the composite product is a slightly better choice because of its guaranteed warranty. in conclusion, consumers receive similar benefits from both composite and vinyl siding. based on durability and consumer satisfaction, everlast composite siding provides greater value than the certainteed vinyl siding option.