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instead of staining deck boards, use paint in a variety of colors to create stripes. here, an entry deck was added to a kids' playhouse and painted in alternating black and white stripes to continue the color scheme.

how to crochet: how to change colors seamlessly new

this technique is to help create alternating colors when changing rows and a trick to make it look seamless. its great for giving that project a little more style. skill: easy. instructions: step 1: take color b and loop it over the hook step 2: work it through the two stitches step 3: pull color a yarn tight

how to knit alternating colors for a two-row stripe

need some stripes in your knit-work? judy's going to lend you her expertise and show you how to make stripes of two rows. she starts out adding a row of red yarn above previously knitted gray row, to make her stripes. just follow her guidelines for stitching and you should have no problems knitting stripes in your future projects.

techknitting: how to knit with two or more colors-part 1

* one dominant color, called the main color mc , and one contrast color cc . starting off color knitting with more than two colors is biting off more than you can maybe chew. *the proportion of mc to cc is best when the main color unquestionably predominates.

2 easy ways to knit with two colors

find other techniques for knitting with multiple colorsincluding fair isle, intarsia, weaving, embossing, and entrelacin a to z of knitting. method 2: use self-striping yarn. using self-striping yarn is an easy way to knit two or more colors into your project. amazing colors and patterns will show up naturally as you knit.

colors and magic loop, help : knitting

for most knitting, "too long" is about 5 stitches. so if you are following a pattern and you're knitting more than five stitches in a single color, twist the two colors together once every 3-4 stitches, but keep knitting with the color you're supposed to be knitting with.

changing colors and fair isle knitting red heart

knitting with 2 colors on the same row or round dates to at least the 1500's. the museum of london collection boasts a lovely child's mitten that dates to the tudor era. this simple mitten has but 3 rounds of decoration around the cuff, one of which alternates a lighter and darker brown every stitch.

how to knit with two colors

now i'm going to show you how to knit with two colors at the same time, which means i'm going to need to hold one color in one hand, and one color in the other hand. in this pattern right now, what i'm doing is, i'm doing five brown stitches followed by one yellow stitch. i'm holding the brown in my right hand, and knitting normally.

alternate rib hat

color canary in sample. stitches: rib, alternate rib. notions: knit hook, crochet hook, one stitch marker optional size: average adult. pattern notes: hat brim is knit in the rib stitch. the rest of the hat is knit in the rib and alternating rib stitch. work by alternating these 2 stitches, round 1 and round 2 until hat length complete.

how to knit stripes

knit one stitch from the prior round. the first stripe is complete, with one full round of the second stripe knitted. pick up last st of prev color and place it on left needle, right next to first st of new color. knit the last st and the first st together. the jog will be visually softened and minimized.

how to knit a four-row stripe with alternating colors

how to knit a four-row stripe with alternating colors. this video will show the lowdown on knitting four-row stripes. actually, this works with any knitting task requiring over 2 rows, where you want to change the colors of your yarn. master knitter judy topaz walks you through the whole process. how to knit alternating colors for a two-row stripe.

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excellent video tutorials on two-color knitting here i go again with my attempts to master two color knitting. what i love about the tutorial on this page under how to knit with 2 colors at a time is that they teach you how to create your own center-pull bobbinless bobbins for your alternating colors.

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bernat maker home dec yarn is a tubular yarn that works up quickly. enjoy the fantastic colors and projects you can make with this yarn.weight category: 5 bulkyball weight: 8.8oz 250gm length: 317yds 290m content: 72% cotton, 28% nylongauge: knit: 13sts x 17r = 4in 10cm , crochet: 10sc x 11r = 4in 10cm suggested

how to strand yarn when knitting with multiple colors

if you want to experiment with traditional color knitting techniques, such as scottish fair isle knitting or norwegian selbu knitting, you must learn to color strand. color stranding allows you to knit with two colors of yarn and create a color work pattern across a row.

how to carry a contrasting color up the edge instructional

how to carry a contrasting color up the edge. this knitting technique is a great method for alternating every two rows or making narrow stripes, probably not more than about four to six rows so you don't have a ton of ends to weave in.

how to change colors in knitting: 13 steps with pictures

hold your contrast color in your left hand, continental style. alternatively, you can hold your contrast color in your right hand, but be sure to wrap it around your ring and pinky finger. continue knitting according to the pattern, alternating between the colors as needed.

how to carry yarns when knitting our pastimes

carrying different colored yarns as you knit is a common technique used in fair isle knitting, which involves alternating between two colors every few stitches. also known as stranding, carrying the unused color behind your work allows you to pick it up easily the next time you need it.

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the technique he describes for his color blending, knitting two-row stripes from alternating skeins of yarn, is one familiar to knitters used to trying to transition from one skein to the next in a project requiring multiple skeins of a hand-dyed yarn.

how to knit in the round with color

knit the lifted stitch in color a and the next stitch the first stitch of color b together as shown in the photo. then knit with color b normally to the end of the round. continue working with color b for as many rounds as your pattern specifies. repeat steps 1 3 each time you want to work a round in a new color.

how to knit a two color italian cast on: 8 steps with

alternate between knit and purl if desired. if you want to intensify the contrast between your two colors, try alternating between knitting and purling. you can knit all of the stitches in one color and purl all of the stitches in the other color. this is optional, but it is a nice way to add some extra interest to your work.

changing colors in knitting loveknitting

changing colors in knitting. knitting with different colors is fun. the simplest way to introduce color is to work in stripes, working with one color at a time to create a single fabric. here's how you join a new color: insert the needle into the first stitch, loop the new color over the tip of the right hand needle and knit with first stitch.

how to make stripes on a loom-2 colors, alternate rows and

how to make stripes on a loom-2 colors, alternate rows and wrap every other peg. . visit. discover ideas about loom knitting stitches place three of the stitches from the cast-on edge back on the loom and knit them until you have a long enough cord to make a button loop. bind off the three stitches, and sew the tail into the cast-on edge to

advice for alternating two skeins in the round? : knitting

knit 1 round with skein a, then drop it, untwist the yarns if they are twisted, pick up skein b, and knit a round with it. the yarn you just finished with should be to the right and slightly on top, and the yarn you're about to knit should be to the left and slightly on the bottom .

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get inspired with our color to go paint system. by sampling your colors at home, you can be sure you've selected the right colors for your space. color to go samples are provided in small twist-n-pour containers that cover approximately 75 sq.ft.. this allows you to apply enough paint to visualize

how to knit stripes and how to knit with

with a circular needle you can knit from the left and the right end of your knitting so if your next color is at the other end, dont turn knitting around the way you normally do for the next row, simply slide stitches to the other end again to knit the same row over again, but now with new yarn color waiting at that end.

double knitting how to knit 2 layers at the same time

co 35 sts with each color in double knitting cast-on see above . work back and forth in double knitting following the chart. the first row of the chart = cast-on row. you should be able to see from the cast-on row which sts are knit and which are purled. the stitch facing you closest is knit and the stitch behind is purled.

free knitting pattern for easy arlequin shawl

free knitting pattern for easy arlequin shawl - triangular shaped shawl with color-blocks of 2 colors knit with alternating sections of stockinette and garter stitch. size is customizable. rated very easy by ravelrers. designed by peggy maxheim. available in english and french. fingering weight yarn. pictured projects by the designer and citizenqueen

tutorial: alternating skeins of yarn the easy way

when knitting a shawl like this, you are knitting flat. this means that we are alternating skeins every two rows- one right side row, then one wrong side row. after the wrong side row is completed, the yarn ends up back on the same side as the other ball of yarn, and you can easily switch for the strand below the one you just used.

changing colors when knitting stripes

this will make the color change crisp and strht rather than dotted. when you're ready to start working the second color, simply drop the first color and pick up the yarn for the second color. leave a yarn tail of at least six inches on your new color. this will make it easy to weave the ends in securely when you finish the knitting.

ravelry: 3 color cashmere shawl pattern by joji locatelli

3 color cashmere shawl. finished measurements 90½ inches 230 cm from side to side and 19 inches 48 cm from top to bottom at deepest point after blocking . materials yarn: 3 skeins of caroline by miss babs 70% merino/20% cashmere/10% nylon; 400 yards 363m /100g in 3 different colors. approx.

3 ways to coordinate colors

how to coordinate colors. color coordinating can be a little daunting if you've never been introduced to color theory based on the color wheel. the color wheel is a great tool to help you choose colors that go together. whether you're

alternating skeins: the necessary evil of hand-dyed yarn

alternating skeins isnt needed all the time with multiple skein projects. if you have two skeins of yarn that appear to match identically, it may not be worth the effort to alternate them. however, with hand-dyed yarns, alternating skeins is always the safest course of action to make sure that you wont have to redo your project, or worse, hate your project when its finished.

how to knit stripes

knit circular stripes with jogless rounds. circular-knit tubes are made up of rounds rather than rows. knitted rounds spiral one on top of another rather than stacking evenly as rows do. this characteristic of circular knitting causes jogs where the color changes in stripes are visible. there are several ways to make the jogs less noticeable.

how to change colours in knitting loveknitting

whether youre a knitting newbie or a craft connoisseur, working in beautifully bright and fabulously fun colours is the simplest way to give your projects pizzazz learn how to change colours in knitting and youll open up a whole new realm of possibilities. the easiest way to introduce colour

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they wanted to go outside onto the deck and lay in the sunshine but there was so much snow. she shoveled around one of the chairs so i could sit out there with them and knit, which i tried to do. the sun was very warm, but the breeze was so cold blowing across all the snow in the yard i gave up and went back inside, with freezing hands.

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typically, we would change yarn colors and knit a * k2, p2 * repeat pattern. however, we are going to knit a clean yarn color change row by simply knitting that entire first row instead. pattern for 2x2 rib stitch with stripe color change. cast on: in multiples of 4 stitches. knit in color a: row 1: knit all right side row 2: * k2, p2 * wrong side

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how to add a new color to your knitting sep 12, 2016 1:00 pm. tags. knitting; knitting basics; working with more than one color in a knitting project is fun learn how to add a new color to your project with this easy technique. after that, the possibilities are endless share. share this.