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in most cases, it is slightly inside the external surface. adding insulation to a wall will change the place where the dew point occurs. the effect of external insulation is to warm the wall and this in turn moves the dew point outwards, towards the colder external air, thereby reducing the risk of condensation appearing on the internal surface.

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external wall solutions comprise of an insulation layer fixed to the existing wall, with a protective render or decorative finish. dry cladding offers a wide range of finishes such as – timber panels, stone or clay tiles, brick slips or aluminum panels.

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external wall insulation involves fixing a layer of insulation material to the wall, then covering it with a special type of render (plasterwork) or cladding. the finish can be smooth, textured, painted, tiled, panelled, pebble-dashed, or finished with brick slips.

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how to insulate house walls from the outside. adding extra insulation to the exterior walls of an older home when renovating or remodeling is a great way of improving a home's walls thermal performance and reducing energy use while reducing heating bills, carbon footprint and improving a building's comfort level.

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in external wall insulation systems though the insulation is enclosed within a concrete based mortar which helps. the rainscreen cladding system used on the grenfell tower was as far as we understand made of uncovered insulation (i.e.the fire could touch the insulation material itself).

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external insulation; probably the most important part of your cladding system is proper external wall insulation system. it has many benefits, starting from strengthened the wall structure, protection from moisture, penetrating and raising damp, significant money savings from lesser usage of energy through electrical heating and cooling devices

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cladding systems often contribute little to overall wall insulation values. specific performance is outlined under ‘cladding options’ below. several composite cladding products include insulation: those with higher r-values (the measure of a material’s resistance to heat flow) can eliminate the need for bulk insulation between the frame