artificial transportation composite flooring

this self-driving shuttle puts accessibility first

car tech this self-driving shuttle puts accessibility first. accessible olli was designed from the ground up to help people with disabilities get where they need to go.

ces 2019: the schedule so far

ces 2019, the annual consumer electronics show in las vegas, has a show floor that spans at least three venues and runs from tuesday, jan. 8 through friday, jan. 11 with keynotes, events and

delphi, indiana murder case: sketch of suspect released in

the sketch is "an artist's composite of the information" collected by all the agencies involved in the double-murder investigation, including the fbi, said indiana state police sgt. kim riley.

how ai is creating new threats to election security

artificial intelligence automated cyberattacks against political campns are being shaped by artificial intelligence. "if a human being were walking down the street trying to break into the car

ces 2019 has begun: here's how to see it as it happens

ces 2019, the annual consumer electronics show in las vegas, has a show floor that spans at least three venues and runs from tuesday, jan. 8 through friday, jan. 11 with keynotes, events and

alaska earthquakes today: 7.0-magnitude earthquake has

slaton ran into his son's room after the shaking stopped and found his fish tank shattered and the fish on the closet floor, gasping for breath. he grabbed the betta fish and put it in another bowl.

our picks for the 11 best evs in america

the bmw i3 graces the scales with only 2,961 pounds thanks to its carbon-composite structure and body panels. as a result, its 170 horsepower and 184 pound-feet of torque mean zippy acceleration

hurricane florence death toll rises to 42 as south

wilmington, n.c. -- at least 42 deaths have now been attributed to hurricane florence, according to officials. there were 31 deaths in north carolina, nine in south carolina and two in virginia.

hurricane florence aftermath: new evacuations ordered in

the congregation rebuilt, this year, water from the little river water broke the windows, leaving the pews a jumbled mess and soaked bibles and hymn books on the floor. "i'm so sad just thinking

deck wars: synthetics aim to walk all over wood

this composite product's major downside is that it can cost three times that of conventional wood, or more. typically, a 1,000-square-foot deck costs $2,250 for synthetic material and $750 for

$15 an hour: a higher wage, but hardly a living

amazon's move to boost the e-commerce giant's minimum hourly wage to $15 starting next month could spur other large retailers to follow suit as companies compete to attract workers.

behind the scenes of a sexbot factory

how smart cities and 5g will improve health, public safety and transportation. as more and more people migrate to cities, technology has an important role to play in making cities

ces 2018: the coolest gadgets

samsung's newly announced q9s is the first 85-inch 8k tv with artificial intelligence, according to the company. the tv uses this ai power to upscale regular content into 8k, samsung said.

hawaii volcano eruption: kilauea spews lava high in air

pahoa, hawaii -- hawaii's kilauea volcano sent more lava into hawaii communities friday, a day after forcing more than 1,500 people to flee from their mountainside homes, and authorities detected

2016 toyota camry hybrid review: guts, but not much glory

flooring it off the line, the camry hybrid took a moment figuring out that i wanted all its power, losing valuable time, but then picked up speed. its 200 horsepower gave it an edge over the

government shutdown 2018: senate passes bill to avert

washington the senate on tuesday approved a wide-ranging, $854 billion bill that funds the military and a host of civilian agencies for the next year and provides a short-term fix to keep the

ces 2019: live coverage from the floors of the consumer

this year we'll hear a lot about evolutionary technologies like 5g, artificial intelligence and connected smart devices. big trends to watch smart homes and smart transportation hubs