blue and white wood decks

competitive blue-eyes white dragon deck

even so bewd decks does have some good card supports,like kaibaman,paladin of white dragon,burst stream of destruction.etc,certain people which i won't mention just think bewd's are garbage but i disagree,i say that old school gamers like myself still think cards like the blue eyes still is one of the best beatsticks cards/

blue-eyes dragon deck

this is a deck one of the ai uses. monsters: 22 3 the white stone of legend 3 blue-eyes white dragon 3 masked dragon 2 herald of creation 2 mist valley soldier 2 dread dragon 2 red-eyes darkness metal dragon 2 red-eyes wyvern 1 d.d. warrior lady 1 honest 1 blue-eyes shining dragon spells: 9 2 dragon's mirror 2 gold sarcophagus 1 burial from a

tips on building a green/white deck?

generally, thinking about what the colors do is a bad way to go about it. there are blue-black decks that win with combos, blue-black decks that play pure control, blue-black decks that make themselves discard cards and then reanimate huge creatures, and blue-black decks that play armies of flying weenies.

what's a good deck focusing on blue-eyes?

that's more of a exodia deck, then a blue-eyes deck. :/ i don't want to be overpowered aswell. i'm thinking more of a deck full of good dragon's, dragon related spells and traps, and most focusing on blue-eyes white dragon and blue-eyes ultimate dragon.

best commander for an angel focused edh deck

mine is bant white/blue/green . i miss out on the red angels and the few black ones, but i get sigarda, jenara, etc., which is fun. i miss out on the red angels and the few black ones, but i get sigarda, jenara, etc., which is fun.

which structure deck should i get?

you can literally pull out all three decks and put the necessary cards together and have a tier one deck. the only other decent one is the machina one. the last one sucks. = if you absolutely refuse to have the same deck as your friends then buy three three lost sanctuary decks. theyre the agents. really good. really cheap. blow **** up. whatever you do dont, i repeat dont buy the gates of

dangerous decks beneath our feet

the average life expectancy of a wood deck, koeppen added, is 10 to 15 years. for more information on protecting your deck, and building safer ones: deck center 5 steps to a safer, stronger deck 5

any tips for a good dragon fusion/synchro deck?

i call this deck disaster calculator its a take on disater dragons but with massive otk abiities main deck: 42 monsters: 23 3 red-eyes darkness metal dragon 3 blue-eyes white dragon 2 white stone of legend 2 the calculator 2 red eyes wyvern 2 destiny hero - malicious 2 destiny hero - diamond dude 1 elemental hero stratos 1 plaguespreader zombie 1 dark armed dragon 1 prime material dragon 1

blue eyes deck

i made a blue eyes deck however as im not exactly great at making decks i was thinking i want some feedback. i dont play alot of pvp and with this deck i beat most lvl 30 npcs pretty easily except circus trick because thats a bullcrap deck. edit: it does pretty good against lvl 40 npcs aswell.

the best common/uncommon only deck you can build in

on collectible card games - magic: the gathering, a gamefaqs message board topic titled "the best common/uncommon only deck you can build in innistrad block?".

what's the best deck to use against the blue deck?

the black deck can destroy someones hand by turn 4 and if your a blue player that is your worst nightmare. underworld dreams is another big reason to play black since blue loves card d. white would put up a good fight too especially if you have a gloriuos anthem out.

which deck beats which deck

although elves forestwalks the multicolored decks, i think a well played scales can beat it easily due to removal and tons of chump blockers early game. i'd say white counters green or red best since it can stall then move in with huge fliers.

what is the best deck recipe for yugi/kaiba/joey's deck

i'm basing these off of yugi- dark magician, kaiba- blue eyes white dragon and joay's red eyes black dragon. these are not their anime decks just a deck that i think plays off of their favorite monsters the best.