best way to drain uneven floors

how to level a shower floor

if you have an uneven shower floor, you'll need to know how to correct the mess as soon as possible. an uneven shower floor can prevent proper draining, and dips in the flooring can cause puddling or potential wicking hazards. this article explains the simple steps you can take to level your shower

best way to drain uneven floors

what is the best and most affordable way to fix an uneven concrete sub floor? quora. they can correct uneven floors, repair damaged concrete, and provide a smooth and durable new surface for decorative treatments. the best way to level the floor would actually be to grind it down and place laminate flooring over the top of it. without seeing i

how to install laminate flooring on an uneven

get tips on working on flooring under various types of conditions with help from a foreman for lighty contractors in this free video series. category howto and style

how to achieve better yard drainage family handyman

a sketch of standing water in the yard, will help you decide which of the following strategies is best for your situation. for example, if you simply have no way to drain water from a low spot to another location, your best option may be to build a rain garden or dry well. 6 common lawn problems and how to fix them

how to lay ceramic floor tile on a sloped floor drain ehow

how to lay ceramic floor tile on a sloped floor drain. when you're tiling a floor with a drain in it whether it's a shower floor, utility room or other setting you should first lay out the tile grid as if there isn't a drain there. that way, you can establish where the tiles are supposed to go in relation to the grid before you cut them around

how to lay ceramic floor tile on a sloped floor drain ehow

video of the day. apply thinset mortar over a few square feet of the floor, starting at the intersection of the lines. press tiles into place along the lines, putting tile spacers between them. lay all the full tiles that will fit, leaving clear a perimeter of floor around the drain. let the tiles set overnight.

uneven shower floor the seven trust community

uneven shower floor. my tiled shower floor is uneven so that water pools along one side. what's the best way to repair that? can i pour self leveling mortar over the entire floor to create a level surface, then re-tile it?

best way to drain uneven floors

the best flooring for uneven surfaces hunker . carpet and vinyl are the best coverings for uneven floors, the best flooring for uneven surfaces fold and buckle carpet any way you like and can do so easily.

options for unlevel basement floor

options for unlevel basement floor « on: march 30, 2011, 08:09 pm i have this fantasy of finishing half of my basement the other half remains my shop , but among many challenges is that the 95 year old cement floor is far from level.

tile laying tricks for uneven surfaces home guides sf gate

an uneven floor or wall surface can lead to several problems in a tile job. tiles may crack, pop loose or 'lip' -- a condition that occurs when the corners or edges of some tiles stick up higher

best flooring for basements

the best way to install ceramic tile in a basement is directly over a concrete slab. if you use a plywood subfloor, you risk the plywood warping if water does end up reaching it. for added protection, even though ceramic holds ups well against water, you can install a water barrier layer between the subfloor and your tiles.

recommended floor slope and tolerance concrete

recommended floor slope and tolerance. if the slab elevation at the trench drain is within 3/4 inch of the plan elevation, and the slab top elevation farthest from the drain is also within 3/4 inch of plan elevation, the slab would meet aci 117 tolerances. this tolerance is useless, however, as a means for ensuring floor drainage.

how to cover an uneven floor hunker

how to cover an uneven floor. it is usually best to tackle the problem at the flooring sub-level, which is above the original flooring and underneath the surface covering. as well as eliminating a potential health hazard from accidental trips and falls, top coverings will wear better and live longer if you even up the flooring at the sub-level.

what is the best way to level an uneven concrete basement

the first thing youll have to do is prepare the floor for the concrete levelling compound. the first step is to remove any paint flakes or adhesive on the floor. to get the best results, brush a self-leveling concrete primer over the entire floor. this will assure that the compound sticks the old concrete surface.

best way to drain uneven floors

best way to drain uneven floors what is the best way to level an uneven concrete or just want to get a better sense of whether concrete overlays might be the right solution for your uneven floor . best in my view is to remove the floor that exists and treat the entire project as new work, with proper .

how to level a floor for a shower base hunker

step 5. sweep and damp-mop the floor to remove dirt and dust. measure and mark off the area where you will spread the leveling compound. mix leveling compound in a bucket according to the directions on the bag, using your drill with an extension and a mixer paddle.

how to level uneven concrete floors with self-leveling

in many cases, self-leveling toppings serve a purely utilitarian purpose, such as correcting uneven or damaged floors or serving as an underlayment for tile, carpet, or other floor coverings. but you can also use self-leveling overlays for decorative purposes, by adding integral color to the self-leveling system or by enhancing the overlay

how to make a platform to level the floor under the

it's common for the laundry or utility room of a house to have an uneven concrete or even dirt floor, and if that's where you put the washing machine, the appliance may lean. unhook the drain

flooring options for uneven floors

unfortunately for some of us, that even surface is not a reality. if you have uneven subfloors, dont think youre out of luck quite yet. there are a few flooring options you can work with that will complement your home and make the best out of the flooring situation. carpeting. the most effective way to cover an uneven floor is with carpeting.

how do i level a basement floor but not the slab underneath?

if you need to level the floor more use floor leveler let it set up then drag drainage grooves towards the drain. using a screwdriver will be the best width. thicker would be better but it will mess up the surrounding concrete. you will want to remove the old floor drain set it at the height you want the new concrete to be.

fixing very uneven concrete floors in existing houses

i'm starting to look at houses, and a number of them have bedrooms or offices on the ground level with very uneven floors, generally sloping severely from one side to the other. though they have tile or carpet, it is evident that this is laid on top of the poured concrete of the foundation, which is what's actually sloping.

uneven shower floor the seven trust community

uneven shower floor. using a leveling compound will not accomplish this, as the wall edges need to be higher than the drain. normally this is accomplished by the contour of the mortar bed base which is below the rubber liner. in your case, it may be possible to take out the tiles in the low edge and build up that low area with mortar.

how to level a concrete floor

id like some advice on how to level a concrete floor. we plan to finish the basement in my house, and there are going to be a couple of sump pumps, so we no longer need the old drain in the

what do i level a 2' slope in my concrete basement floor

what do i level a 2' slope in my concrete basement floor? ask question asked 7 years , 1 i do have a french drain system going around the exterior walls that drains to this drain so i need to find a way to bring up the floor and not affect the drain. google 'shim sleeper floor' and you should see some photos to explain best way to level

how to lay a vinyl tile floor the family handyman

there are many ways to make transitions to other types of flooring. but the best way is to use special reducers designed for each situation. photo 11 shows a professional method for finishing a seven trust carpet edge. ask your flooring retailer to recommend transition pieces for your floor. routine cleaning and care will help your floor last decades