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autodesk revit mep

autodesk revit mep building information modeling bim software for mechanical, electrical, and plumbing mep engineers supports more accurate and efficient building systems design projects from

nasa finds 3d-printed houses we could use on mars

for the two virtual levels, which the competition is up to now, the teams use building information modeling software to bring their designs to life. there are five videos showing the winners

autodesk bim 360 glue for ios

the autodesk bim 360 glue mobile app enables bim 360 glue users to more securely access building information modeling bim projects and collaborate with project team members from anywhere, at any

presentations of autodesk bim 360

the autodesk bim 360 app provides users of the bim 360 field management module, part of the next-generation bim 360 platform, with the ability to execute construction quality and safety workflows

bye-bye, blueprint: 3d modeling catches on

they're also representative of a dramatic new approach to designing and constructing buildings: building information modeling, or bim, in which blueprints and other two-dimensional documents are

10 ways big data, analytics, and sensors are helping

new solutions based on iot, analytics, and business intelligence are reaching into every corner of industry and commerce. some of these examples might surprise you.

autodesk crunches numbers for greener buildings

autodesk now offers two add-on products to its revit architecture building-information modeling application to capture existing building data in a 3-d model and then simulate possible changes.

trimble-connect for ios

large complex detailed construction models created by a variety of different building information modeling bim applications in multiple formats ifc, skp, rvt, dwg, etc. can be quickly loaded

building magazine's bim countdown for ios

everyone working in the construction sector needs to understand the potential of building information modelling bim , and how they can harness it to produce better quality buildings more efficiently.

bye-bye, blueprint: 3d modeling catches on

building information modeling delivers 3d views of designs and incorporates critical real-world data that can improve the quality, accuracy and speed with which architectural ideas become concrete

think the digital workplace doesn't reach you? think again

no profession is untouched by the changing digital landscape, from construction to retail, never mind the health care and finance professions, according to a report from brookings institution.

the right workstation makes all the difference

autodesk revit building information modeling bim software includes features for architectural design, mechanical, electrical and plumbing mep , structural engineering, and construction workflows.