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re: starcraft floor replacement the reason pressure treated wood is not used in alum boats is that the chemicals used tot treat the wood causes a galvanic resopnce and the wood actually eats the aluminium .

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re: replacing wood floor in boat i'm 6'6" tall and tip the scales at 245 and i can't make the floor bounce in my boat with 1/2" the long. stringers in my starcraft were 18" apart. the original floor was 1/2 and it lasted for 18 years if i get that much service out of it i'll be happy, if you go with 3/4 your probably going to have a tough time

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hello, i'm finally diving in and preparing to replace the soggy floor on my 16' aluminum fishing boat and i have a few questions. any help would be appreciated immensely at this point, i've come up with a few rough questions after wandering around the internet in an attempt to accumulate enough knowledge to ensure a quality replacement.

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so the back 8 feet of floor is very soft. i was thinking of pealling back the carpet and cutting out just the bad, rear 8 feet or so. its also bad under the battery and storage areas in the vary rear. i did replace a floor in a side stear starcraft last year, but the lund has more stuff, thus i'm planing on only doiing the bad area.

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diy repair for leaky rivets on old starcraft discussion in ' i pulled the bilge plug and put away the boat. my boat has a permanent floor which i replaced about 20 years ago and is still in good shape being garaged most of the time. nor did i want to pay the high cost for a shop to do that. i called quite a few boat repair shops and

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check out this boat i found for my fil. it's a 1983 starcraft aluminum boat - riveted. it needs some tlc but was a score from crslist. had one soft spot in the wood decking but it was just one

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i am planning on replacing the floor on a 1977 16' starcraft aluminum boat. i know i have to remove the old floor but i need to know how to remove the shelves and support on the inner sides. i assume that i drill out the old rivets and remove the inner supports/ shelves.

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after pulling floor, the water soaked foam all came out, and so did the alunimum upright stringers. you will be able to get away with just removing the floor altogether in a small boat, but not recommended on larger boats.there was a lot of extra weight with the water soaked floor, and foam.

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re: replacing the floor on my 14 foot starcraft thanks for the quick responses. no pictures yet because i haven't started the work and the boat "looks" fine. it's a winter project and i want to have it well thought out before i make any mistakes. i'll start submitting pictures once i start taking things apart.

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replacing the floor in my 16 ft. alumacraft boat howdy fellow crappiefisherfolks. im pulling out all the bad floor in my boat, and was wandering if you folks had an opinion on what type of plywood to use. seems like a 50 50 thing, between marine grade and exterior plywood. any suggestions would be helpful.

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rebuilding the starcraft holiday youtube. 13 may 2012 replacing the floor on a 18' 1976 starcraft holiday and a few other 5/8". but the new floor stiffined up the boat as a whole and rides better.

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starcraft boat parts and accessories. the water is a remarkable thing. it's your playground. it's your retreat. it's your best weekend ever. and a day on the water is always time well spent. at starcraft, we believe your best life is found on the water, and we build boats that help you get the most out of it.

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hi, i am in the process of replacing the plywood floor of my old fiberglass boat. i'm very mechanically inclined, but it is mostly automotive, not so much marine construction. however, i've decided to tackle this one myself. so far, i have ripped out the old floor. i've removed the carpet, and cut the edged of the plywood around the boat.

i have a 1987 starcraft boat model sf16 s/s. the deck

i have a 1987 starcraft boat model sf16 s/s. the wood deck, behind the rear seat, has rotted out. i need to replace this piece of decking. my question is : does this boat have a one piece floor or do the sections end under the seats? i don't want to start tearing up the floor without knowing something about how it is installed. thank you, jeff

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replacing the floor with 3/4 gives both added structural ridgitity as well as less flex in the floor. the skirts on the sides need to have the rivits drilled out when you replace the floor. i had no issues replacing them. the floor does go under the cabin bulkhead. the new floor needs to be extended under this bulkhead.

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starcraft 19' holiday floor replacement page: 1 - iboats boating forums i bought a 1991 19' starcraft holiday aluminum boat. this boat is in nice shape and has been on the water 18 days since i bought it in march.

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use cardboard to out line your floor plan. my 14 ft lund has a floor like this. i think its 1/2 plywood. i re-did the front casting deck and made it out of 1/2 with 2×4 for support. the differecne i saw was that the fron benches were removed and the bench that was left was the rear bench and used when drivving the boat.

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i just bought a 1990 starcraft 14' open boat with bench seats. i would like to install wood floors between the bench seats to make it quieter when moving around and less hazardous for walking in it. i am thinking the flooring would be plywood and also portable, so i can remove them when i want to or have to.

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the need for a new boat floor becomes inevitable when the floor has a soft, spongy feel that is a sure sign of dry rot. however, the need for replacing a boat floor does not mean the end of your boating days. you can replace your floor in a short amount of time and with minimal labor.

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the fun side of freedom. riding or swimming? sitting by the shoreline or cutting through the wake? whatever your pleasure, the agile, well-appointed limited i/o runabout boats from starcraft feature rear-entry floor plans and oversized swim decks that let you get in, get out and get the most from your day.

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starcraft boat floor replacement. rebuilding the starcraft holiday - youtube13 may 2012 , replacing the floor on a 18' 1976 starcraft holiday and a few other improvements. , i used 1/2" , thats what

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boat flooring imparts many benefits to a boat's hull. the supporting framing and floor can add stiffness and support to a hull. the flooring creates a dead-air space just above the hull's bottom that can add bouyancy to a boat made from materials with no inherent bouyancy such as fiberglass, steel or aluminum.