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make a deck rail planter and grow vegetables or decorative plants right outside your door. all you need is stock lumber, a few tools, and some basic carpentry skills.

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brighten up your deck or balcony with this easy to make planter box! it hangs on your wooden railing with a hidden cleat, so there's no ugly hardware in sight! best of all, you can build it with

build your own railing planter for custom curb appeal

measure the railing width and baluster width. board sizes will differ according to your porch railing. cut all pieces to length using a circular saw. the 1 x 4-inch board should be 1 inch longer than the length of the planters. cut two side braces from the 1/2 x 1-1/2-inch cedar board.

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build a deck railing planter box; create the first angle of your box. place the 3-foot cedar boards on the edges of three feet of 8-inch cedar board. make sure the edges are flush along both sides, then use the cordless screwdriver and screws, attach the disks from the bottom.

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20+ diy railing planter ideas for balcony gardeners

growing any of your favorite herbs and dwarf vegetables like cherry tomatoes, greens, peas, radishes, and carrots are possible in an averagely sized balcony railing planter. although, you’ll need to water more to cope with wind.

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how to make a diy deck rail garden planter from a pallet

using a drill, make holes in the metal strips to be able to run wood screws through them and into the wood. note: you can use anything you want to attach the planter to the rail. 10. once everything is assembled, test your rail planter by setting it in place making sure it holds secure.

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diy railing planter box: how to build a planter box for a deck

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once you have them looking decent, it’s time to turn them into balcony railing planters! cut pieces for planter boxes. you can make these deck railing planter boxes any size you want! just cut two to the desired length, one 1 1/4 shorter than that, and two 5″ squares for the ends.