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remember to turn off the electricity to your pump and pool light. after draining the old water, you can refill the pool with a garden hose. the usual amount of time to entirely refill a pool is 14-16 hours with two hoses. diy tip: to fill the pool quicker, use two hoses if you have them available.

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your pool plaster provides a watertight seal to keep your pool water from leaking into the ground. under typical use and care, you can go up to 20 years without needing a replaster job for your pool, but it will eventually be needed. we can provide you with a range of colors and patterns to achieve the look you desire for your swimming pool.

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to paint the pool, you’ll need to degrease the surface with tsp, then acid etch the plaster, followed by another washing and scrubbing with tsp. for acrylic pool paints, the pool can be painted damp, but for epoxy paints (the longest lasting pool paint), you’ll need to let the pool air dry for 3-5 days before painting.

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prepare your swimming pool for winter closing by draining your water level to 4" below your skimmer. adding a backwash hose to your filter system allows you to drain without any added equipment.

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pool repair without all that water down the drain if you need to get your pool repaired, but don't want to waste all that water by draining it, now you don't have to. author:

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here, you are dealing with the same groundwater problems as for a fibreglass pool. most in- ground concrete pools are built structurally to withstand the weight of the dirt against them when drained. however, if the ground water is high enough, it can push the entire pool out of the ground. the pool shell acts like a ship and floats up in the .

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a fiberglass pool is meant to be full of water at all times, and draining it improperly can cause the lightweight shell to pop up out of the ground. it may also lead to bulging walls and cracks in .

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however, after years of constant pressure from the water, deterioration due to chlorine and degradation from sunlight exposure, the walls can weaken. occasionally, there will be something that pokes the side or the bottom of the pool and puts a hole in it. patch the hole with a waterproof epoxy without draining the pool.

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first, if the draining is done at the wrong time or under the wrong conditions, you can actually risk damaging your pool structure and liner. all the water from your pool needs to go somewhere when it's drained, and that usually means the ground.

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keeping the pool in the ground. 1. don’t drain the pool during extended periods of heavy rain. depending on the topography surrounding the pool, a few hours of heavy rains could come to rest under the pool shell. 2. pump the discharge to a storm drain, or to a point far away from the pool. if your discharge hose is not long enough, the water .

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access your pool’s central pump system and switch it over to the “drain” or “backwash” setting. if for some reason you can’t do this from the main pump, you can also use a submersible pump to cycle the water out of the pool. resurfacing cannot begin until the pool has been emptied completely.

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if you have a repair to be made, this can be a reason to drain a pool. for most cleaning, even when your pool looks like a toxic waste dump, you should not drain the pool. in this case described above, the pool builder did a good thing. he tied the skimmer into the drain to keep you from accidentally draining the pool, and it worked.

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at this point you can use a tsp rinse and scrub the pool down with brushes or sponges, or for extremely dirty pools you can consider acid washing the surface. many pool owners might shy away from acid washing since it sounds dangerous, and any time you work with acid it can be dangerous, but acid washing is actually fairly safe, easy and .

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wet swimming pool crack repair – full pool or underwater. if you don’t wish to drain the pool, you can still patch small cracks or chips in the plaster. use a mask or goggles to see clearly underwater. 1. first, open the crack a bit by raking a flathead screwdriver down the crack or around the edge of the area to be patched.

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if you, the homeowner, don’t have the time to do this, you can hire a general contractor or a house painter to do it for you. as long as he calls us for every step, he could save you $5,000.00 to $10,000.00 based on the size of the pool.

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if you have an older in-ground pool, it probably won't have been designed to withstand the weight of the surrounding soil when drained. modern concrete pools can usually stand being drained for as long as needed, but there'll still be a risk of popping if the ground water level is high.

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you can even mix the types of tile within your pool. either glazed, hand painted, or textured, this surface gives your pool a more upscale look. you’ll generally see tile most often on the waterline of a swimming pool. if you’re looking for a more natural effect, tile is a great way to incorporate that look.

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a topical stain will stick to the plaster surface much like dirt sticks to a windshield. you can clean a stain with an acid wash, but you must perform with caution. if the pool is severely stained, you may need to continue with a replaster for your pool surface. roughness. at one time you had a fresh smooth pool plaster surface.

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a hydrostatic relief valve only allows as much water to flow through as the force of gravity permits. you are draining the pool much faster than water can flow through the hydrostatic valve, which is designed to equalize the water level in the pool to the groundwater to compensate for a small leak or water loss.

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1. do not drain a pool if it has rained recently, the pool can float up(big problem with spas). 2. rent a submersible pump to drain(70$ to rent at a pool store). your main pump can loose the vacuum, and may not be able to get it back. 3. city water can stain the pool, don't throw your hose on the ground of the poll and leave in the same place .

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when the temperature soars, plunging into a swimming pool is the ultimate refreshment, but finding surface damage in your oasis can leave you with a sinking feeling. a pool with a failing finish requires resurfacing , which includes chipping out the damaged material, applying a new finish and acid washing the pool's surface.

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step 1 – draining and cleaning the pool. when resurfacing, you must first drain the pool. next, you should thoroughly clean the pool's surface with a wire brush. if you have plaster on gunite, you will have to use a chisel, pick, or jackhammer to remove the plaster from the gunite shell.

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depending on the model, leds can create light shows in your pool. for example, for july fourth, you could switch on a red, white and blue light show. one led pool light, installed, can cost about .

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especially on a concrete pool, you must open the hydrostatic valve as soon as you can get to it in order to make sure that underground water can get into the pool to release the pressure from below. some pools have a separate pipe leading to the ground pit under the pool to allow you to drain the water out using a utility pump.

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excessive ground water can cause this type of pool to "float" out of the ground when draining is occuring. if you do decide to drain this pool yourself you first need to locate whether or not you have a hydrostatic valve which is found in the main floor drain.