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to make char cloth, start by cleaning out a metal tin, and punching a hole the size of a pen tip through the lid. then, cut an old, white, cotton t-shirt into 2-inch squares. next, put the squares in the tin, and put the tin on a well-ventilated heat source, like a camp stove or a grill, since this process can generate toxic, foul-smelling smoke.

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to make a larger batch of char cloth, you can use a coffee can sealed with foil on the top. 100% cotton material . an old t-shirt, pair of jeans, handkerchief, canvas, etc. fabrics that contain artificial fibers will not result in a combustible material, so make sure it’s 100% cotton.

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char-cloth making is very useful skill to have in regards to making fire, with a spark you can create fire. with a small piece of char-cloth and a spark it will start to glow red and get very hot. i do hope you enjoy these and please make sure you check out my other articles here .

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as such, cloth was a precious commodity, and often times people simply didn't have any spare cloth to make char cloth, so they used alternatives. charred plants also work. think super dry, fluffy plant material like seed heads or long fibrous inner bark strands.

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to create char cloth, you need a few supplies. an old cotton t-shirt, a tin such as an altoids can, a nail or knife, and supplies to start a fire. here are the step by step instructions to create your char cloth: cut your fabric into pieces that are one inch by two inches. this will be the right size to fit in the tin.

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do i have to poke a hole in the tin to make char cloth? no – it is possible to make a char cloth in a closed vessel. however, it’s a lot harder to tell when it is done cooking. also, if you are using an altoids tin and don’t poke a hole in it, the pressure from the hot gasses will cause the lid to pop open.

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if you light the smoke you will get basically a candle flame. 9 out of 10 times, when the smoke finally burns out and will not re-light, the cloth is done. if you keep your char cloth, flint and striker and some rope fibers or dry grass and a thin piece of leather in a tightly sealing tin, you will always have what you need.

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a char cloth is just a product of that same process. if you heat up something like cotton to a certain point and don’t let oxygen into the area for it to burn, the gasses will be released but the material itself won’t combust. that’s essentially all you need to do to make char cloth in theory, but let’s look at how you’d actually do it.