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it then determines the total load from each tributary area based on the design load of your deck. default is 50 psf which you can change. the total load for each tributary area is then divided by the area of each footing in order to determine the load psf imposed on the soil. this value must not be greater than the bearing capacity of the soil

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size your deck beams and headers with our easy-to-use span table, which allows you to cross reference the post spacing and joist length to determine the right deck beam size. try it out at

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multiply figure by the appropriate factor from the table for linear or board feet. example: length x height = 160 square feet; door = 20 square feet window = 20 square feet area for siding = 120 square feet; add 10% for trim loss= 120 12 = 132 square feet; assuming 6 inch siding 132 x 2.67 = 357.4 linear feet 132 x 1.33 = 175.6 board feet

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our deck is as simple as it gets in order to illustrate the concepts deck load capacity and transfer of weight within each tributary area. this deck is 10`x10` or 100 sqft. there is a ledger board attached to the house. the joists run perpendicularly out from the house for 10 feet at 16 inches on center.

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bearing capacity of 5/4 deck boards

deck specifications.pdf - similar to deck specifications.pdf an allowable bearing capacity of less than 1,500 psf are _<_18' 23" 9" likely to be present at the space decking boards . 4"“ pm“- 'yplcal 2x$ or 5/4 board w.

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for instance, if you’re going to build a deck with cedar joists, that load bearing capacity is far less than if you build it with ponderosa pine, and that’s even less than if you build it with southern yellow pine. at the deck store, we sell southern yellow pine, grade no. 1, that is kiln dried.

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the dimensions of load area 1 are 4’x3.25′ and equals 13 square feet. the dimensions of load area 2 are 6’x3.25′ and equals 19.5 square feet. and since the deck is symmetrical, the load areas 5 and 6 on the opposite side of the deck are identical. this leaves only the load areas 3 and 4 in the center area of the deck to be determined.