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some of our top-selling sound absorption products are art acoustic panels. instead of a flat, single color, soundproof cow can produces art acoustic panels that are made to order, meaning you send us an image and we customize a one of a kind acoustic panel for you.

acoustic art panels

acoustic art panels are a great way to incorporate sound treatment into wall décor. an acoustic wall panel seamlessly blends into any décor while secretly absorbing excess noise for a calmer room atmosphere.

acoustic panels acoustic panel acoustic sound panels

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acoustic wall art acoustic geometry

acoustic wall art hidden acoustic treatment there are many stock images available, and custom art can also be used theres an additional fee for custom artwork processing . the high-resolution printing process on acoustically-transparent fabric assures a brilliant image with effective sound absorption.

custom acoustic art panels sound absorbing wall art

custom acoustic wall graphics are vinyl or fabric art panels used to create a visual scene while improving an indoor space's acoustical qualities. order your own custom sound absorbing wall art at acoustical surfaces today

acoustiart acoustic panel acoustical solutions

for years, the only way to change up the look of fabric wrapped acoustical wall panels has been to choose different solid-colored fabrics. weve taken another step forward, and our clients can now add art to their acoustical panels adding these panels to any space to improves the sound, increases speech intelligibility and reduces reverberation.

fabric acoustic panels fabric wrapped acoustic panels

our fabric acoustic wall panels is the most popular way to correct acoustic problems and is ideal for cinema, classrooms, offices, worship centers, restaurants, hotel lobbies, home theater, recording studios, etc.

personalized sound treatment and custom wall art audimute

or choose to design your custom wall art with a beautiful fabric, wrapped and folded around our signature eco-c-tex sound absorption material by hand. let our experts bring your vision to life and create a tailored design of sound and style with audimute custom wall art acoustic panels and sound absorbing panels .

acoustic wall art

acoustic wall art panels are made of 100% natural material: wood and cement. the combination of wood and cement makes its unique sound absorption performance ensuring good acoustic performance. the acoustic wall material has a natural elasticity that can handle the wet environment while also providing effective fire protection.

sound absorbing acoustic panels, reduce reverberation

these beautiful, sound absorbing acoustic art panels are manufactured with a Seven Trust border for a clean install. you can choose from literally thousands of fabrics, and an infinite number of designs, to enhance any decor.

23 decorative acoustic panel ideas

acoustics are crucial to good business and a comfortable home life. dont settle for plain panels ever again; now you can get the looks, style, and sound absorption you want all at the same time with decorative acoustic panels.

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acoustic panels are sound absorbing panels that are hung on a wall or ceiling to control and reduce noise, eliminate slap echo and control comb filtering in a room. the objective is to enhance the properties of sound by improving sound quality with sound absorbing panels.

acoustic panels for home theater home theater acoustics

home theaters that contain wall to wall acoustic panels will suffer from too much sound absorption. this results in a room that sounds dead. a room that contains wall to wall panels should allocate diffusion to at least 20% of the panels.

acousticart, the perfect harmony of sight and sound

acousticart : the perfect harmony of sight and sound - click to read more using a fully digital print process which can produce millions of colors, our acoustic art panels have the same quality craftsmanship and absorption performance as our trademark acoustic panels, with unlimited aesthetic and decorative potential.

1" acoustic art panels

acoustic art panels are a better way to decorate - forget about simple canvas prints that only benefit aesthetics, these sound absorbing artwork panels are the best way to decorate with art because of the added bonus of reducing noise in your space.

art acoustic panels

sound absorption materials can help create the right working environment for everyone, as acoustic panels can be added to existing partitions or cubicle walls to prevent sound from traveling while also clarifying sound within a partitioned space.

high performance acoustic wall panels for sound absorption

wallsorba are high specification acoustic wall panel systems. these are the most popular aesthetic sound absorbing wall panels. they are durable, fire rated, visually pleasing and offer excellent acoustic performance. they are the decorative solution to your sound control needs.

acoustic art panels

acoustic art panel info ideal for: acoustic art panels are ideal for any application where noise and reverberation echo is an issue, hanging our acoustic panels on the walls can transform the space with effective sound absorption. sound absorbing art

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sound absorbers for walls fabric acoustic panels

eco friendly sound absorbers for walls. sound absorbers are available in two different categories, one is wall sound absorber and the other is ceiling sound absorber. they are have similar structure but not exactly the same. sound absorbers for walls are a green design, environmentally friendly fabric wrapped acoustic absorber panels.