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7 out-of-the-box retaining wall ideas

when i first started working behind-the-scenes on home improvement tv shows in 2003, i was shocked at how much a good retaining wall could cost mainly for the labor and skill involved. since i grew up in south florida, the flattest and most humid peninsula ever, retaining walls were kinda new to me. brick, metal, wood or concrete edging

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heavy duty, galvanised steel retaining wall posts. for use in strht line retaining walls. end posts. for finishing the end of a retaining wall. corner the height of posts should be double the height of the retaining wall, meaning that half of the post should be below ground level.

6ft wood fence on a 2.5 foot retaining wall this old house

if it were me, i'd forget about using wood posts and go with a steel post called post master, or equivalent. if you are using cinder blocks for the retaining wall, as suggested by your link, you simply imbed the post into one of the block cavities and fill with concrete.

timber sleeper, steel post retaining wall

clearcalcs offer a retaining wall calculator for the design of a timber sleeper, steel post retaining wall to australian standards. engineering knowledge is required to properly use the calculator - watch the below video for an overview of the calculation and key geometry,

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building a pizza oven with retaining wall blocks - yahoo image search results modern look to this timber retaining wall with support column retaining wall w/ steel posts sleepers and steel tetall in stock garden retaining wall ideas wood retaining walls add grace to the landscape gallery photos 600x450 by velma see more

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a retaining wall is only as good as the uprights that hold the wall in place. of course you can use timber uprights but for strength and durability why not consider steel uprights - it really is a simpler, easier way to build a wall.

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steel posts - retaining walls. retain-it range an easy to use solution for creating solid, aesthetically pleasing retaining walls from timber sleepers. a retaining post system that provides a snug fit so that the sleeper is dropped in and immediately secure. no packing or fastening is required.


surewall is a retaining wall system that uses steel posts and timber rails to generate an aesthetically pleasing, flush finished, non-obtrusive retaining wall system that is very quick and easy to install by any able-bodied diy person. this innovative system also has significant labour savings due to minimum excavation.

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steel post timber retaining wall design - whether you making a new one for the new house or are remodeling your existing bathroom, the bathroom's wall ozlogsã´ are the ideal solution for your termite free landscaping and retaining wall needs. ozlogsã´ are made from concrete, look like timber railway sleepers and are used for termite free

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our tetal range of retaining wall solutions include: steel joiner posts, capping options and sleepers to create large or small scale retaining wall installations. all steel joiner posts are hot dip galvanized to as/nzs4680 and comply with as/nzs 3679-2010 for steel strength, composition and corrosion protection.

rsjs, steel h beams and railway sleeper walls

railway sleepers slotted into rsjs rigid steel joists or steel h beams have been traditionally been used on farms, builders yards, and commercial settings for decades, to create strong retaining walls, silo bays, aggregate bays, boundary walls etc

how to engineer a retaining wall with steel i beams ehow

how to engineer a retaining wall with steel i beams. wondering how to make a sloped lawn more useful or appealing? a retaining wall can be functional or simply decorative, depending on your personal needs. a retaining wall is a vertical wall meant to act as a barrier to prevent rocks, dirt or sand from sliding downward and causing erosion. they

what is the best wood to use for retaining walls?

they continue to be a popular choice because of the natural look they provide and because of their low price point, relative to expensive masonry and concrete retaining walls. but there are so many options for choosing what wood to use for retaining walls. you know you want something durable, affordable, and non-toxic. but what?

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sutter retaining wall: retaining wall supplies. steel

our u.s. patented sutter retaining wall is comprised of similar sized retaining wall posts 'h-post' that are connected to each other with 50' or 53' caps which together make the retaining wall. mr88 anchor kits consisting of 6' all-thread and the anchor are used for each h-post to anchor the h-post and keep it from falling.

steel i-beam vs wood post

i'm building a short length of retaining wall and at its highest point its about 3 ft. its a very shallow area and i don't have much depth to work with so i wanted to use steel i beam posts to make the wall as narrow as possible. i was thinking of using 3 inch i beam to hold back the 3 ft of earth behind it with wood 2x8 in between.