building decking on concrete base

is your balcony a danger zone? inside edition

also, we'll check the base plates and make sure they're properly secured," said krepcio. perhaps the most important thing to remember is too much weight on a deck or balcony can lead to disaster.

would-be empire state jumper foiled

the host of a cable television show and professional base jumper who passed through security at the empire state building wearing a rubber mask and foam fat suit that made him appear to be an

the white sox ballpark in chicago that never was and could

in wrigley, there's a mere 15 feet or so between the last seat in the lower deck and the very edge of the building. major concessions are hosted underneath the grandstand, and vertical circulation

what is the best settlement for building an epic fortress

i woke up and started building in red rocket this morning. i plan on continuing when i get home from work. i started building level decking on the roof and have a 3 storey building at the back of he roof.

call of duty: modern warfare 2 walkthrough

continue around the corner and take cover by a low, concrete wall on the left and work on clearing the street. push your way up it, taking cover when necessary, and continue up the hill in the back.

"48 hours: ncis": how a catfishing relationship between

but they needed more concrete evidence before they could make an arrest. special agent bill elflein: justin's building and cooper's building were almost at the two furthest ends of the base, about

world's tallest building honors sheik

the building boasts the most stories and highest occupied floor of any building in the world, and ranks as the world's tallest structure, beating out a television mast in north dakota.

led buying guide

let's start with the base of the bulb, the part that screws in. in the us, the most common shape by far is e26, with the "e" standing for edison and the "26" referring to the diameter of the base

lego marvel's avengers faq/walkthrough for playstation 4

this reveals some debris that can be used to build a grapple point at the base of the cannon. this entire time be sure to watch for cannon fire and more enemies. switch to bucky and hold square to target the grapple point. once attached tap circle to pull the grapple point out disabling the cannon and revealing some shiny silver metal. bucky can toss a grenade hold square at the metal to

dangers of pressure-treated wood

if you are in the market for wood to build a deck or play set, warren says to: use pressure-treated wood that says it is treated with acq alkaline copper quat or some other copper-based

ballpark roadtrip:oakland coliseum

the stadium complex cost $25.5 million to build and rests on 120 acres of land. in 2006, the athletics covered the entire third deck with a tarp, reducing capacity to 34,077 - the smallest

how much should a contractor pay a subcontractor?

a long-time employee has decided to make consulting his profession, and he's not sure what kind of cut a prime contractor should take from the bill before paying the subcontractor.