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what is tongue and groove flooring? hunker

tongue-and-groove flooring can be installed with several different methods. solid-wood and most engineered planks can be fastened to wood subflooring with nails. this involves a special technique called blind-nailing, in which flooring nails or staples are driven at an angle through the tongue edge of each plank, angling backward toward the plank.

how to nail tongue and groove boards ehow

how to nail tongue and groove boards. tongue-and-groove boards are used in a number of construction designs, such as wood flooring, ceilings, walls and wainscoting. tongue-and-groove boards are available in a wide variety of wood types. each board features one slotted edge the groove and one edge with a thin ridge the tongue that matches the

1 in. x 4 in. x 8 ft. southern yellow pine tongue and

decorate your indoor or outdoor space with old-fashioned southern yellow pine tongue and groove board. ensures good quality. 1 in. x 4 in. x 8 ft. southern yellow pine tongue and groove board- - the seven trust

click lock floating wood floors vs tongue and groove style

pros and cons of click lock floating wood floors. the click lock design operates like tongue and groove, although in this case, the tongue locks into the groove without the need for adhesive. it may be two hooked shapes that snap together or another type of patented design.

join it tongue and groove 2 methods // how to

here is the latest installment of the join it series in this episode i show you how to make simple tongue and groove joinery using two different methods to accomplish the same goal.

how to finish a tongue and groove ceiling ehow

how to finish a tongue and groove ceiling. tongue-and-groove ceilings are composed of interlocking lips intended to hide nails from sight. when it comes to finishing a tongue-and-groove ceiling, success has more to do with procedure than style. because seasonal movements in the wood create slight movement, parts of the tongue tend to become exposed

how to make tongue and groove joints woodworking

tongue-and-groove joints are really mortise-and-tenon joints just really, really long ones with different component names that more accurately describe their appearance and nature. the tongue is analogous to the tenon, and is sized to exactly fit into a matching open-sided mortise, the groove.

shrinkage in a tongue-and-groove pine ceiling

shrinkage in a tongue-and-groove pine ceiling question i am doing a project and the owner's pine tongue and groove ceiling is shrinking. the builder now has installed extra humidifiers to increase the moisture in the home to swell the wood back into place. there are methods of removing sections of the tongue and groove - clamping to

how to build a tongue and groove wall

tongue and groove planks were the perfect choice because they are easy to install and the natural-wood look of pine is very forgiving. i decided to paint my tongue and groove wall white in a higher gloss paint so that whipping of hand prints is a breeze supplies.


a tongue and groove joint is a unique woodwork joint that is attached edge to edge with two or more pieces of timber. it is made with one edge consisting of a slot that runs down the entire length of the timber and a tongue which fits into the slot.

tongue and groove eastern white pine east tennessee

tongue and groove siding. our unfinished tongue and groove eastern white pine siding is available in 1 x 6, 1 x 8 and 1 x 12 in a standard grade.the 1 x 6 and 1 x 8 products are reversible; one side v-joint, the other side edge and center bead.

how to cut tongue-and-groove joints how-tos diy

specialty tongue-and-groove bits make easy work of creating the joints, but they can be a bit expensive. if you dont have the budget for those bits, a simple strht flute bit can be used to cut a tongue-and-groove joint. the same bit can be used to cut both pieces of the joint. cut the groove first.

tongue and groove tree felling technique

close up video demonstrating the tongue and groove felling technique. this technique can be used on smaller diameter trees where there would be insufficient room to bang a wedge in behind the bar

tongue n groove flooring

for lovers of fine oak floor - tongue n groove boards are unique. unlike most engineered timbers, which are made of layers of ply under a timber fa├žade, tongue n groove products are comprised of 3 layers of solid european oak. using state-of-the-art engineering methods, the layers are bonded together to provide exceptional stability and durability.

shiplap guide: shiplap, tongue and groove, and plank walls

the shiplap guide: shiplap, tongue and groove, and plank walls part 1 for the purpose of this post, and to keep things simple, we will focus on 3 methods to add shiplap to your house. i will not go over applications, supplies needed, cost, etc. there will be links to help you with that . this is an informative post on wood types used.

how to properly install tongue and groove plywood subfloor

i'm doing a remodel and can't seem to find the proper method for installing the tongue and groove plywood subfloor over joists. i mean, i think i pretty much understand how to do it but there are a few details i'm missing still. on the first sheet down, does the tongue or groove go towards the wall?

what is tongue and groove flooring?

this simple method seams two boardsusually, but not always, floorboardsin a way that holds them together while allowing for some flexibility. it's also important to know that traditional tongue and groove has been largely replaced by a similar method for some types of flooring.

what gauge nails do i need for tongue and groove pine

use a pneumatic nailer for this process to allow you to put the nails in place quickly and with ease. when you have secured the first board, push the second board into place so its groove surrounds the first board's tongue. nail the second board to the ceiling in the same method and continue this process.