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pull wooden fence posts set in concrete with no digging

pull wooden fence posts set in concrete with no digging : i wanted to post this to maybe help someone save a little time if they ever need to replace a fence, which has wooden posts that are set in concrete, and doesn't want to have to dig them out by's the very aging neighbor lady dow

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replacing or repairing rotting deck support posts. the supports are sitting on top of concrete a foot down i think. i got two estimates to fix it 1 jack deck up and replace 6x6's and put rubber sleeve on them. 2 summary: concrete three 6x6 support posts under deck, concrete above ground and a 10 ' diameter around existing 6x6 posts.

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a rotted fence post makes a fence sag, and a sagging fence is unsightly and easily blown over by the wind. posts usually rot at ground level, where rain water tends to collect around the base of the post, but they can also rot below ground level around the top of the concrete anchor.

how to replace a wooden fence post hunker

to replace a wooden fence post, start by disengaging the post fro the fence rails. pull the post out of the ground, using a 2 x 4 to lever it if necessary. dig out the concrete footer, if there is one, then set a new pressure treated post and backfill the hole with crushed gravel or concrete.

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update: the post that broke is next to the house, and it was set in the concrete walkway that leads to the backyard, so i cannot dig the concrete out. i think the post broke because the wood rotted, and the stump is still stuck in the concrete. i need to know how to remove the stump and replace it with a new post.

how do i replace a wooden fence post that was set in concrete?

up vote 4 down vote favorite. i need to replace a wooden fence post that was set into concrete. the post has snapped through rot at the base and the rot has set in so far that the post snapped about 2 inches beneath the surface.

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often the posts were already weakened from rot, moisture and insect damage and old age and the wind was just the mercy blow that finished them off. the homeowner is left with the challenge of coming up with a cheap and easy way to remove the broken-off fence post and they want to pull it strht out so they can sink the replacement post in the

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the challenge in replacing an existing fence post is the block of concrete that is left in the ground. either the block needs to be removed or a new post hole dug adjacent to it. in this case, the old post was pulled out of the concrete leaving a 12 hole very convenient

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how to replace a fence post in concrete - part 1 removing the original post disconnect the post from any fence panels or wires. dig a hole around 1 side of the fence post. rock the post back and forth to break up the surrounding ground. lift loose posts up by hand. use a jack to remove your post

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however, the posts appear to have been placed directly in the ground with concrete poured in the hole around the post, now the post is rotting off at concrete level. to dig a new hole we would have to try to remove the concrete poured into the ground.

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removing an old fence post can be a pain in the ass especially if the post has rotted and fallen off. thats because fence posts are set in a concrete footing that is usually at least two feet deep in the ground.

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replacing a post. frequently wood fence posts rot below the ground in the footing . something like this will leave you with no choice but to replace the post with a new one. in fact, if you have any doubt about the integrity of a fence post, the best thing to do is simply replace it. the process is the same as it is for a leaning fence post.

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most of the time repairing or replacing fence posts is a hugely awkward, difficult job. usually the existing wooden post has rotted at ground level because it has been concreted in by someone who did not take 5 minutes to trowel the top of the concrete to a slight dome allowing the rain water to run off.

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how to replace a rotted fence post 1. mark cut lines onto post with a layout square. 2. set the depth of cut on a circular saw to cut through the posts, but not into the rails. 3. knock out the wood between the cuts with a hammer. 4. use a cordless drill to remove any screws securing the post to

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the concrete footing and fence post will lift up a short distance. do not rush this step allow time for the water to create hydraulic pressure on the bottom side of the concrete and assist in the lift. the water must be on during this step or lifting the plug will create a suction force pulling the plug back down.

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when setting a fence post, you should always pour concrete so it extends a few inches above the grass and taper the edges to drain water away from the wood post. burying the concrete below the surface may look nicer, but its a surefire way to accelerate wood rot.

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there are temporary fixes available but often the best option is to replace the post. even if a fence post is not rotten above ground, older posts may be rotten below ground. this happens mostly in the region just below the surface where the wood is both damp and exposed to the air. to replace a timber post in the same position as before is not easy. first of all you must remove the concrete. not only is this a heavy job in itself, but it will leave a large hole. that makes using concrete

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how to replace a rotted fence post. if possible, completely remove the fence panel at either side of the post. support the panels from below with blocks concrete blocks, bricks, stacks of lumber, etc. to keep them level, then remove the fasteners securing the panels to the posts. if the joints have nails that are hard to get out,

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the home mender, dustin luby, shows us how to remove and replace a 4x4 fence post. click the links below to see inside 'dustin's toolbox'. you can do it home mender. 6' pry bar for posts https

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in this video i am showing you how to replace a rotted fence post in concrete. i show how to replace a rotted fence post the easy way. i have replaced a lot of fence posts in my handyman business

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so far, i was able to complete two posts via extracting the post rot and replacing the post in the 4x4 slots in the concrete slab. however there is one slot that is very slanted. here is another picture of me holding a metal bar upright against the slanted concrete as the fence post would naturally be fit not letting it lean with gravity :

repairing a broken fence post

replacing a post. separate the fence from the post to be replaced, then dig up the old post removing it and the old concrete footing. place the new fence post in the existing hole and pour a new concrete footing. keep in mind, it is always a good idea to temporarily brace the new post to keep it level and plumb while the new footing cures.

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do it yourself fence post replacement. to replace a fence post, you simply detach the fence, pull the post out of the ground, set a new post and reattach the fence. that doesn't sound complicated, but in reality, getting an old fence post out of the ground can be a big job, especially if it has rotted at ground level.

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the first step is to remove the old post. once that is done, you can set a new post in concrete to ensure that your porch or deck doesnt sag. always use pressure-treated wood for replacement posts and set them in concrete poured over a gravel base, to keep water away from the bottom and sides of the post.

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how to replace fence post anchors in concrete, or fence post spikes without concrete. if you have an old wood fence post that is completely rotted off and you are able to remove it along with all debris, you could reuse the cement ball for a new post. some have successfully used fence post anchors. this way the post will not be sitting in cement to rot off again.

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the posts are not set in concrete, so just dig them out. screw lag bolts through a chain into the broken off fence post and then use a vehicle winch/come along/high lift jack to pull the post out. dig down a few inches and nail or screw a piece of wood to the side of the post then use a fulcrum to pry the post up.

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caulk around the fence post base apply high-quality exterior acrylic caulk, or silicone specifically designed to adhere to concrete, at the base of the post. if your cedar wooden fence posts are rotting at the bottom, you need to replace them.