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installing a threshold is simple using these steps. step 1 measure depth. if you do not want to get involved with alterations to the door, measure the amount of space between the bottom of the door and the floor. this gap will be the maximum thickness of the threshold. step 2 measure width

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then insert masonry anchors into those hole and screw the screws down throught he threshold. the pressure created from screwing the screw into the anchor grips the sides of the pilot hole so as to

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wrap a piece of tape around the bit 2½ inches from the tip of the bit to mark the depth for simple visual reference. blow the dust from the holes. drive one 2½-inch concrete screw into each hole. drive the screws tight until the threshold is pulled tight to the floor.

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the front door opens to a covered concrete porch with a single concrete step that comes up to the same level as the finished floor on the interior of the house see picture links below . i plan to remove everything down to the rough opening, and install a new pre-hung unit with door and sidelights as a single piece.

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seal and level the concrete. once your repairs have dried, take the time to seal the concrete. once the sealer has dried, apply the concrete patch or leveler and make sure that you have a flat surface with no defects. the floor must be level or your tiles and grout will form cracks.

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the new 1-piece core bit is widely u diy tile spacers apr 03, 2015 · tile spacers are necessary whenever you are installing tile. properly. concrete thresholds are often used for indoor and outdoor showers, as well as entry doors to rooms with stone or granite flooring. over time and allow it to dry. install a tube of urethane caulkin

how to install a carpet transition strip on concrete ehow

how to install a carpet transition strip on concrete. usually, the strip is brass or some other type of metal. you use nails to nail the strip to the floor. when you need to secure the transition strip to concrete, however, you must use an alternative method since you cannot nail into concrete. you can use small concrete screws to complete the task.

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build the shower pan first layer with floor mix mortar. using the prepared floor mix mortar, build the first layer of the shower pan. slope this base layer from the walls of the shower toward the shower drain at a drop of 1/4 to 3/8 per foot.

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how to install transition strips on concrete floors. transition strips are used to finish Seven Trust and laminate floor edges where the product meets an existing floor in a doorway, and are typically cut to fit and then nailed in place or snapped into a track that has been screwed to the floor. when you're working on a concrete floor,

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6. install new threshold, then tap shims underneath. 7. close door and check for even gap along threshold. 8. open door, and apply expanding polyurethane sealant under the threshold. 9. close the door, then tap shims between door bottom and top of threshold; leave shims in place until the sealant cures. 10.

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attach new threshold to floor: screw the new threshold to the floor. if the floor is concrete, use a carbide tipped masonry bit to drill holes for either masonry screws or plastic anchors. install rubber seal: cut the rubber seal to length with a utility knife, and insert it into the grooves in the threshold.

help i need advice on installing pre-hung, exterior door on concrete

put the door in and center the bottom. check your sill for level. if its out try to shim a side. once level nail the bottom. if it's a brick mold nail through the face if it's a nailing flange use 1 1/2' shingle nails. level the hinge side and nail it up. on the knobside match up the reveal in the middle and nail it.

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installing a door threshold on concrete slab. the person that installed the old threshold first placed a bunch of caulk directly on the concrete slab, then placed a sheet of plastic over that, and then placed the threshold over the plastic and held it in place against the door frame with some staples. i believe that the plastic might have

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vinyl aluminum threshold installation pt. 1 this old frigg'n house lifting sunken concrete driveway pads - duration: $500 diy kitchen remodel

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remove the old door, molding and frame. using a utility knife, score the caulking between the molding and the brick to break the seal. use a pry bar and hammer to carefully remove the molding. pry away the door jamb, framing and threshold. finally, scrape away old caulking.

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anchoring transition moldings. drill pilot holes using the appropriate size and type of drill bit for the channel's mounting screws. if the subfloor is concrete, you will need a masonry bit, hammer drill, screw gun and concrete screws to mount the channel.

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thresholds installed on concrete are relatively easy to replace because concrete doesnt rot like typical subfloors. this means the job is confined to the threshold unit.

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step 1: clear the area. step 2: spread crushed concrete. step 3: screed sand. step 4: lay pavers. step 5: continue screeding and laying pavers. step 6: lay the fountain foundation. step 7: add a restraining wall. step 8: place the fountain.

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how to install an exterior door threshold on a concrete slab floor marble threshold. first, purchase a marble threshold of the proper width and length. wood threshold. a wood threshold should be fitted so that a door would bisect the centerline how to use adhesive. some home and decorating

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i needed to install a new threshold on this concrete slab foundation. here are the steps i took to get a new aluminum threshold into place on this concrete floor. tools you're going to need to

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re: attaching a wooden threshold to a concrete floor. just installed some t transition strips in a basement between wood and carpet. we just inserted 1/4' masonry anchors and used brass, countersunk head, robertson screws instead of what came in the pack which were silver, pan head, phillips.

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overview: how to install tile on level concrete subfloors. prep. view step by step instructions. prepare your floor properly for a long-lasting tile installation. the tile must be placed on a rigid, level, structurally sound surface that is clean, dry and free of contaminants that could prevent a good bond.

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diy threshold installation on concrete how to install an exterior door threshold on a concrete door thresholds come in a variety of materials, such as wood, marble and metal, and make the transition from doorway to floor smooth and easy.

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hi, i need get directions on how to build a threshold ramp. which would be just high enough for 1 step. i'll give you the name, model and internet page for a product that i think would be prefect. i would like a 32' width x 24' long . of course if would have to be built from wood.

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that is typical wear for limestone. some limestone is softer than others. i would highly consider a poured concrete threshold as it would be much cheaper, more durable and just as functional as the stone. for the money your talking about for a new piece of stone, i could drive out there, remove the old stone, pour a new threshold and drive back

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you will need a heave duty drill /rotor hammer /concrete lead liners ,you match up the holes in the threshold and drill holes in the floor,place lead liners in the hole ,put threshold over that and screw it in. the package of lead liners comes with screws and will tell what size concrete bit you will need. or you can buy a kit with the drill bit .