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hand scrubbing seems to be required regardless of any cleaner that i have used. i've used star brite non-skid boat deck cleaner with ptef and also lysol bathroom cleaner because the deck gets spots down in the anti skid and maybe it's mildew? anyway, i have scrubbed the deck of our 379 almost once a week since we got the boat, over a year now.

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other uses for non-skid boat deck cleaner. we also have a lot of textured fiberglass trim in the boat, and it’s always been a pain to clean. krud kutter with a toothbrush was the best way i’d found, but it was pretty labor intensive. after seeing how well (aka easily) the non-skid deck cleaner worked in the cockpit, i decided to try some.

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cleaning gelcoat non-skid involves the removal of surface dirt and stains. this can be a one-, two- or three-step procedure, depending on how stubborn the dirt and stains are to remove. after completing step one, two, or three (as the situation dictates) you can, depending of the condition of your non-skid, move on to an optional step four.

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head to to order all of the detailing gear you need to keep your boat clean-n-simple. today, we take a look at the best method for cleaning non-skid surfaces on your boat.

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when i say non skid, i'm talking about the diamond patterned non skid found on most boats. it's the pattern that keeps it from being slippery. not having a sealed surface is just asking for drift

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after scrubbing the floors with the port to starboard apc we moved the boat outside and then sprayed it down with a foam gun and then rinsed out the inside of the boat. the marine 31 port to starboard apc worked flawlessly by machine to thoroughly clean the the molded-in non-skid surfaces for the floor and the softer non-skid surfaces.

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type of non-skid surface; the boat deck cleaner you choose should be compatible with the type of non-skid surface you have. this is because some surfaces are more delicate than others and, therefore, needs a boat deck cleaner that won’t harm or damage its non-skid property.