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cost to replace a deck railing you can replace a deck railing yourself for $310 and save 55 percent or hire a contractor for $689. adjust the home improvement and repair cost to where you live by entering your zip code below.

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the average cost for a deck repair professional is $500. to hire a deck repair professional to repair your deck or porch, you are likely to spend between $200 and $4500 total. the price of a deck repair professional can vary depending on your area.

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usually replacing an existing deck costs less due to the foundation already being in place and many of the supports being reusable. the average cost for replacing a deck is $20-$50 per square foot, depending on what material is used to make the deck and if homeowners build it themselves or a contractor builds it. deck construction cost

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structural damage usually means replacement. there usually are clear signs when a deck is at the end of its life span. the deck frame begins to sag as rot makes the wood susceptible to termites. termites eat their way through the wood, creating channels that allow water to seep in and accelerate the rotting process.

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hiring a handyman, carpenter or deck company to repair a deck can cost $100-$500 for simple repairs, and $500-$4,000 for extensive work such as replacing decking boards and railings, with an average of about $1,500-$2,600, depending on local rates, what needs to be done and who does the work, with a handyman typically less expensive that a carpenter or deck company.

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just how much does a composite deck cost? it's easy to estimate the materials alone. wood substructures split, warp and shift, leading to an uneven surface in the deck boards above. the dimensionally stable steel of seven trust elevations stays in place, giving you consistently stronger, strhter, safer and smarter decking than what wood can

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i need help on pricing for a job on replacing the top boards on a deck. i would be tearing off old boards and replacing with new ones. i am new to construction pricing and need some advice on how to go about figuring out how much to charge.

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your deck is permanently exposed to the weather which takes its toll on wooden deck boards, railings, and stairs. learn how much it costs to repair a deck and get it looking new again.

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how to remove and replace wood decking by: danny lipford. using a cordless drill and deck screws to attach new wood decking. wooden decking that has rotted or deteriorated over time will need to be replaced. start by using a hammer and pry bar to remove the old deck boards. you can also insert a long board between the decking and joists to pry

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calculate the materials. lumberyards price 2-by-6-inch decking boards individually; an 8-foot redwood board costs around $10, which is $1.25 per linear foot. since you need two foot-long boards for a square foot, that works out to $2.50 per square foot. you need 8 screws per square foot. a pound of screws costs about $5,

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the total cost to repair a deck depends on the size of the deck, the extent of the problem, and the cost of the materials. although it requires an investment of time and money, repairing your deck costs significantly less than replacement, as long as the deck is structurally intact and the wood is healthy.