2x6 or 2x8 for porch roof

temporarily supporting porch roof

i want to support the porch roof just a roof no live load with 2x material attached to a stake maybe 6' back from the porch. the porch roof is about 10' above grade so the bracing would be greater than 45*, closer to 60*.

hand-framed porch roof decks.com

hand framing a porch roof involves first setting the ridge beam and the side walls to the proper height that the roof will hang from. most porch roofs use 2x6 or 2x8 rafters that form an upside down v across the ridge beam.

3- or 4-season front porch bunk house

choose which one you want to build. the 3-season version is not insulated or heated and gives you 2x4 exterior walls, 2x8 floor joists and 2x8 roof rafters. the 4-season version gives you 2x6 exterior walls , 2x10 floor joists and a truss roof design. both versions are provided on screw piles to ensure stability.

2x6 or 2x8 for porch roof

porch framing - habitat for humanity midohio. the porch roof trusses will be presented in the roof framing chapter. the smart trim, porch the ends of the outside 2x8 or 2x10 of a porch beam which .

2x6 floor joists vs 2x8

sistering another 2x6 doubles the width, and therefore the stiffness. deflection varies as the inverse of stiffness, so doubling the stiffness cuts the deflection in half, for a 50% reduction. stiffness varies as the cube of the vertical depth of the joist. the depth of a 2x8, relative to a 2x6, is 7.5 / 5.5 = 1.3636.

material list for log shell packages

2x6 v-match stk pine decking 2x12 k.d. spruce stair stringers 3/4 pts plywood for treads. porch gables 2x4 k.d. spruce plates and studs 2x8 pine log siding. roof frame assembly varies by model conventional rafter system 2x12 k.d. spruce rafters and ridge 2x6 k.d. spruce ceiling joists

table a table b table c table d rafter spans header size

2x6 or larger rafters patio rafters see table a 30" max overhang patio rafters see table a 2x4 rafters or pre-fab. roof trusses 2x4 ledger w/ 20d nails or ΒΌ" dia. x 4" long lag bolts 32" o.c. 2x4 strut w/ 3 8d toenails from strut to ledger 2 16d nails 30" max overhang 3" 2x ledger section a-a approved joist hanger a-35 or equal

flat roof span tables

2. am going to furr out a flat ceiling under the porch roof with 2x6's. the 2x6's will make good contact with the 2x8 rafters for about 2/3 of the span. if i nail the 2x6's to the 2x8's they make contact on the eave end of the span will i get more strength in the roof? or, is it better to leave them separate so that movement in roof from snow

roof deck

building a covered porch roof. it will be open from underneath. usually 2x6 t and g is used to build the roof deck why can't 1x6 t and g be used? roofing nail penetration? only going to span 24". thoughts? thanks.

can i use 2"x6" as roof rafters for porch addition over

can i use 2x6 as roof rafters for porch addition over concrete patio? if i tie into a 6/12 pitch roof with 2x6's. will i be able to span a concrete slab of

chapter 7

porch beams are built with a pair of 2x8 or 2x10, depending on the house model, sandwiched together with a 2x3 rake tacks on. the ends of the outside 2x8 or 2x10 of a porch beam which support the roof trusses load bearing and are not attached to the house, must extends across the entire top of the porch posts. safety issues

shed / patio build roof framing 2x4 or 2x6? anandtech

shed / patio build roof framing 2x4 or 2x6? i'm going to build a 14x7 shed / patio no wood foundation and wall, but it will be over concrete slab that will have

roof? 2x4's or 2x6's? archive

the table indicated that grade 2 2x8's would be able to cross 12feet, 3 inches, so i used 2x8's for my roof. i laid 1/2 inch plywood over that, then tar paper, and finally screwed down steel sheeting. besides making the loft a habitable space, the rafters can hold thicker insulation that a 2x4 truss could.

deck 2x6 or 2x8

deck could span 10' lengthwise with 2x6's on 2' centers 2x8 should be enough. 2x6 will work but the deck will be springy with a few people on it .>> 2x6 or 2x8 for decking - composite wood deck