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world championship 2004. in yu-gi-oh!world championship 2004, pegasus still uses a toon deck, modified to accommodate the rulings not present in the anime.he uses several cards which boost his life points, in order to balance the many life point payments required by his toon monsters (1000 for the activation of toon world, and 500 for every attack made with a toon).

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maximillion pegasus lvl 40 toon world deck card amount big-tusked mammoth x1 copycat x1 toon gemini elf x3 toon masked sorcerer x3 toon mermaid x3 toon summoned skull x1 toon table of conten…

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pegasus lvl 40's drop rewards note: these decks are for farming pegasus lvl40 at the duel monsters gate. for decks to farm the event pegasus lvl40, please click this here .

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level 40 pegasus: as always, the toon world deck revolves around flooding the field with powerful toon monsters and attacking directly, bypassing vanilla cerberus farm decks. since we can’t just sit by and do nothing, but powerful beaters, michizure, and judgement make direct action dangerous, lockdown is our best bet.

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level 40 duelists in duel links are the hardest difficulty level. after defeating pegasus at level 10, 20 and 30, his level 40 deck will be unlocked and it’s a doozy. however, like anyone else’s deck, there are weaknesses to pegasus’ and this is where we’ll document how we defeated him.

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maximillion pegasus requires white keys to duel at the gate; maximillion pegasus appears at the gate at stage 13 (dm) maximillion pegasus level 40 appears at the gate upon reaching stage 30; toon memaid is used in toon decks; relinquished is used in relinquished decks

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when the player defeats pegasus (who is using their level 40 deck) for the first time, pegasus will express disbelief at his loss, even when he had the millennium eye to aid him. he falls silent for a moment, before commending the player on their outstanding skills and then preparing their prize.

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this is the cheapest deck to farm pegasus lvl 40 probably. although win rate is not high relative to other farming decks with the unhappy girl or dream clown, it will work for you who did not roll the 1st and the 2nd card boxes and started the game recently.